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How long does scent stay on the ground ?
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From: goelk
How long does scent stay on the ground where you are calling to bring in a bull than move forward - downwind to get in shooting lane and get busted when the wind is in your favor? Three times i was busted and the only thing i can think of is they smell where i was last standing. All three times i did not have a shooting lane to shoot . BUMMER

From: cnelk
Sept 1st this year I hiked into my tree stand and about an hour later I called in a 5pt and behind him came a big 6pt.

The 5x5 didnt even notice my trail in as he crossed it, but the big 6x6 sure did. He put his head down and smelled my tracks, turned and went back the way he just came

From: olebuck
My blood trailing dog can smell scent 48 hrs after it was laid.....

and elk or deer can probably smell at least that good.

From: Twanger
I think long enough that you will have a hard time getting away with it.

From: Medicinemann

Curious about your dog......If someone walks around just before a one hour rain, can your dog still pick up the track after the rain stops? If someone walks around after a rain, how long after the rain can your dog track it?

From: Woods Walker
It depends on many environmental factors. Humidity, baraometric pressure, wind, moisture levels in the soil/plants, etc. I used to train bird dogs and there were certain kinds of days that they'd run right by a planted bird and others where they got birdy as soon as we let them out of the truck 100 yards away from where they were planted.

As cnelk points out, one may pay attention while another couldn't care less. In the past 20+ yrs I've been hunting out of my treestand, I've had probably a couple hundred elk within 30yds of my tree and not one has ever reacted to my scent trail whether it's been a couple hours, or 10 minutes.

Opening evening of this past season, I had a dozen cows and calves that were within 5yds of my tree...half those within 3yds. Two cows even put their nose to my pack, trying to figure out what the heck it was. You'd have thought they were sniffing flowers. Absolutely zero reaction. This was approximately 20 minutes after I'd gotten into my stand.

All that said, who knows if at some point one or more have failed to come in that I never saw.

From: Jaquomo
I've occasionally watched one sniff my scent trail where I'd walked and show alarm. Seems like this happened when the grass was tall and damp with morning dew. But mostly they seem to ignore it. I've had them sniff a vest I forgot to take up the tree and only seemed curious.

Once I just answered the call of nature and heard a bull bugle just down the trail I was beside. I quickly pulled up my pants and dodged to the side behind a tree. He literally stepped over the steaming pile of poo (literally...) and wad of TP without noticing, and carried on past me.

From: DonVathome
Elk and deer are different and I think I can get away with a lot more with elk. That said I am uptight about scent and here is one first hand experience I had with whitetail deer.

I was clearing shooting lanes and before I started, as always, grabbed some leaves from by my stand and "washed" my hands with them. Breaking leaves and rubbing all over to spread leaf scent and clear my scent off my hands. That night it rained hard.

Then next day while hunting I had a 1-1/2 year old buck walking by me and sniffing. He did not wind me. I could clearly see a branch I bent a broke still hanging down out of the way. He smelled right where I grabbed it and got scared.


From: Woods Walker
Jaq: Sounds like an elk that just didn't know ****!

From: olebuck

She can smell blood and deer hoof scent 24 hours after a moderate rain, as long as the rain didn't cause major run off - the dog can still smell it and pin point it.

even under several inches of snow - the dog can still smell it with ease.

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