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ndow SUCKS!
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From: DonVathome
Not whining just more of an fyi. I have been out west from Ohio 30 or 40 times and have hunted 17 different species of big game. Everything except gator (to much gear required) has been diy. I have spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours researching hunts.

I got lucky and drew a NC desert sheep permit. Over several months I have made many calls and sent many emails. I have reached out to about 6 or 8 different people.

I have not received a single response. Ever. Not even a missed call from NV that could have been someone calling me back!

NV response has been the worst I have ever seen.

The first "list" of people to contact I have reached out to over 2 months ago.

I know I have to be persistent but being a pain is even worse. I have reached out 2-3 times to each person over weeks.

This is really ridiculous.

From: tobinsghost
There's desert sheep in NC?!? HAHA!

I would just call every day but I can be an ass like that. Probably the reason why I needed to start my own business and get away from corporate structure.

From: Bill Obeid
Don..... all biologists?

How many points did you have when you drew?

Maybe its time you consider folks might think you're a pain in the butt?

From: Inshart
Not surprising -

I have also had NO RESPONSE in the past requesting information from biologists and wardens assigned to an area I was inquiring about. After a couple of tires without a response, I basically thought the same thing - I quit asking because I didn't want to be a pain in their back side. I just figured that even if I did finally make contact they wouldn't give me any useful info because I had been an "information hound and a pain" so to speak.

Couple years ago one of our group was approached by a sheep herders dogs (2 of them) and had a VERY tense stand off for a few minutes. These dogs (Great Pyrenees) chased some elk and deer right past him.

When I received my questionnaire from Wyoming - I let them have my opinion. I received a response that said my complaint would be forwarded to the proper WY authorities and someone would contact me for further and more detailed information.

I waited 2 months - nothing - so I made another complaint (copied and pasted my first with a more detailed location of the incident) never did hear back.

I'm certain that they are constantly being contacted requesting information or some type of response to questions and or complaints and after awhile they simply don't bother to reply. I would think that that IS part of their job - assisting, responding to the public - if they don't like it, then find another source of income.

I'm of the opinion that for the most part "many" (not all) of the state employees (biologists, wardens, etc..) could care less and are there just putting in their time, unless you might be a friend or some other kind of mutual contact.

All I can say is good luck Don.

Sorry - kind of a sore subject, I'll step down off my soap box now.

I've found it difficult to get a hold of biologists all over the west. I've had better luck and gotten better information from wardens. I've also gotten good info at the local Forest/BLM ranger stations. Just drop by and don't look like a hunter as a lot of these folks are not hunters and just start chatting and once they realize that you're not some sign-shooting slob, start talking about the animals and mention that you're a bowhunter and I've gotten good info that way. I've even gotten better info from outfitters that I call and say, "hey, I'm trying to avoid your drop camps and I'm looking at these 5 drainages." They often will tell you info on all of them including if their competitors are dropping people in there so long as they're not putting people in there. AN

From: Muddyboots
I've had good luck with the Forest Service, and suppose BLM would be similar, by calling the district office and saying I want to talk to someone about elk/fishing/etc. They say something like "you want to speak to Sam". "Is Sam the biologist?" "No, he's the technician and has been here 34 years, and trains all the biologists". This office person will often say when the best time to reach "Sam" is.

First off you might get more helpful info if you posted something about a sheep tag in the sheep section and not the elk section. Then if I drew a probable once in a lifetime desert sheep tag I would put some money together, contact a guide/outfitter in the area and be willing to put some money out, even if it's just for a point in the right direction, drop camp or maybe a few days guiding? You'd be surprised what people do for money. Just my 2 cents worth. and what is a NC desert sheep tag?

I was invited to go Rifle hunting in CO this year with a group of guys I have never went with. I was elated!!!!!!! So, being the new guy I started asking them a few questions about where we'd be going in the unit, how'd we'd be camping, hunting, packing game, etc.... I got the answers I asked and thought that they were joking about some of it initially. Well, after being told the same thing about the way they do things, 5 times and three months later, it hit me I have no intentions of doing what they "do". They weren't joking. So, I started calling the wildlife department three weeks ago trying to determine if the way they did certain things were even legal. I was transferred numerous times and, no one could tell me that. I finally got a number for the local ranger district in the NF we were to hunt. I had my confirmation in mere minutes.

So, I'm not real impressed with any state agency over wildlife matters. And, I'm not basing it just on this one experience either.

From: Tilzbow

In case you aren't already aware, NDOW posts hunter information sheets for each unit on their website. These will give you as much information as you'll likely get out of the biologist.

From: Bigdan
Send the tag back that will show them

From: DonVathome
I’m not asking for help and I know more people on this form and more people visit it.

Also as I mentioned in my first post I did not bother anyone. A few people I called twice literally weeks if not months apart the rest only once. Biologist wardens even just the mainline to the main secretary. Also two different men whose title was something like hunting.

No one ever even answers the phone when I call months ago when I did the secretary would answer and I can get more information from her. In the past month I’ve called at least a dozen times and I’ve left messages with anyone who’s name came up on the mainline that I think could possibly help me.

And the icing on the cake is the unit I drew is not listed on their website! I just checked again yesterday. Literally there’s no report for it even checked the old unit that used to be associated with it.

Again I’ve done this many times before but getting absolutely no responses ever to any phone calls or emails is a new one on me.

I had 8 points when I drew

From: Twanger
I had an elk tag in NV this year and placed one call. I got a return call and a lot of information. This guy told me where the elk would be under what conditions. Where to look if it rained and if it was dry. Where water would be a big draw and where it was too abundant to hunt. He even told me not to hunt a herd of cows in a certain area and that they would move to a different area to rut so wait until they move there to find bulls. They are not all none responsive.

From: Florida Mike
I keep telling ya'll them Government employees ain't the sharpest marbles in the bag.... Most of em couldn't make it in the real business world where excuses don't put food on the table so they find a job with the Government or city or state...

Don you just need to take a few extra days to scout and hunt and make it happen. That is, unless your one of them Government workers that happen to draw a desert sheep tag... jk

Goodluck Don!

From: elkstabber
When I drew a NV deer tag last year the biologist called me back and was VERY helpful with info that helped in the hunt. I had called the central office, then was referred to the district office, and then had to leave a message with the unit's biologist but it wasn't a problem.

Now, CO's biologists are the hardest to get a hold of from what I've seen.

From: WapitiBob
I called WY Game yesterday, got info from a new guy who answered the phone of my intended call, he passed my question to the access coordinator who called me 2 hours later. Called today and my gal in the draw dept picked up the phone immediately.

From: DonVathome
Ironically or maybe not so much I thought I got email back a couple hours ago

From: sleepingbear
Don did you get my PM ,I just looked and it doesn't show I ever sent one. I have some resources you'll be interested in,should give you a starting point. Let me know

From: sleepingbear
pm sent

From: hobbes
I cant help you with the sheep tag or Nevada's DOW, but I'll add my 2 cents to thread anyway.

Its always nice to see state employees all lumped together as unintelligent deadbeats that don't care about anything but a paycheck. I've worked both sides of the fence and the private sector has it's fair share of worthless employees that make their way up the ladder, apparently on something other than a strong work ethic or brains.

From: DartonJager
I have spoke with WLB's from NM, WY, UT and AK and all were helpful and returned my left messages or their office gave me a time when they would be in the office to call them and low and behold they were. The best were from AK with UT being a close second. WY WLB's were also very helpful as were the locals in WY I spoke with as long as they were sure I wasn't from Cody or JH they were great sources of elk info.

From: elkmo
Not all bad...emailed a WY GW and got a email asking for my number and wanted to call me back "said easier to explain over phone" ....on a Sunday! Met him while hunting and he thanked us for coming out and hunting, said it several times.

From: Deerplotter
Typical of some here who really don't have a clue what might be the other side of the story will always flock shoot with negative comments covering allot of good people. A shame we all aren't as perfect every single day as some must think they are, regardless wether public employee or private business. Always wise to look in the mirror and recall a time or two when you failed to return a call as well. Just say'en

From: Tilzbow
I would hope Don realizes that NDOW and their people are a big part of the reason he was able to draw this tag. Sheep tags have increased annually as a result of their work along with volunteer organizations such as NBU, Fraternity of the Desert Bighorn and WSF.


You could give Colby Egge from Silver State Outfitters a call. He's the real deal and I'm sure he wouldn't mind chatting hunting with you for a bit.

From: Stekewood
Excellent point Tilzbow! Sure wish I could draw a sheep tag from a state whose department of wildlife "sucks". ;-)

From: Bill Obeid
Don's words ...."Not whining just more of an fyi."

I never met a true hunter that didn't understand the blessing of a desert sheep tag. x10 for a true sheep hunter !

I think his post was more of a " heads up " for future tag holders.

But I do think if he doesn't get a return call and he comes across a ram with a collar......he may shoot the collar AND the ram.

From: Rut Nut
LOL! :)

From: CO Oak
Join some of the state sheep conservation organizations and inquire with them about members who may have some insight. But don't be a freeloader and ask for the information without forking over dollars for an annual membership. You should check out Fraternity of the Desert Bighorn and Nevada Bighorns Unlimited, at least. The state conservation organizations are one of the primary reasons we have the sheep hunting opportunities we have today. It boggles my mind when someone draws a once in a lifetime sheep hunt and is too cheap to join the organization that made it possible.

From: Tracker
Boy this post has digressed.

From: Sage Buffalo
Not sure if you knew this but the have technology that scrapes sites like BS and can tell who's calling and if they are nice or a pain.

Sorry they must have gotten the message. Haha...

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