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Alaskan moose hunt for 2018-2020
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DuckhunterBrad 10-Oct-17
6-GOLD 10-Oct-17
Stekewood 10-Oct-17
cnelk 10-Oct-17
I was hoping to book with Papa Bear adventures but they are booked for the next couple of years with a small chance of getting a hunt in 2019 best case scenario. I'm looking for recommendations on other outfitters that offer a similar hunt. Not looking for a specific area, just a quality outfitter. Who would you recommend?

From: 6-GOLD
Scott Minler out of Palmer Alaska

From: Stekewood
Joe Schuster, Sportsman's Air. Hunted with him twice. Top notch outfitter.

From: cnelk
October is a great time to start calling outfitters/pilots up in AK. Most will have next year's clientele already booked, but they often will give you another name of someone that has openings. Its also a good time to ask how this past season went

Dont forget that there are some good moose draw units with good NR draw odds - the application period is coming up.

Do your homework. Many wont disclose their outfitters/pilots or areas - just like elk hunting areas.

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