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looking forward
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Zebrakiller 11-Oct-17
Guardian Hunter 11-Oct-17
Drahthaar 11-Oct-17
Scar Finga 11-Oct-17
76aggie 11-Oct-17
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Buffalo1 11-Oct-17
DartonJager 11-Oct-17
bad karma 11-Oct-17
stick n string 11-Oct-17
Brotsky 11-Oct-17
drycreek 11-Oct-17
t-roy 11-Oct-17
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LBshooter 13-Oct-17
From: Zebrakiller

Zebrakiller's embedded Photo
Zebrakiller's embedded Photo
Taking my good buddy pat on a hog hunt to Iowa we have been doing something every year for years hunting and hog has always been on his list, and the Parkinsons is really taking its toll on him so we are getting it done this weekend wish us luck!

Do well! Post pics. Gary

From: Drahthaar
Good Luck. Forrest

From: Scar Finga
Awesome, Good Luck Gentlemen and lady:)

From: 76aggie
William, good luck to both you and Pat. Bring home the bacon!

From: smarba
Awesome! Please share with us how it goes.

From: Buffalo1
Best of luck to you fellas !!

From: DartonJager
Our MORON government gives BILLIONS to Iran our sworn enemy (as well as other known terrorist states) that they KNOW have and will continue to have directly funded and even trained the terrorists and insurgents that have killed and maimed thousands of our war fighters and VERY possibly will be at war with us one day, but medical research still relies heavily on donations to find cures for such horrible illness. The man is lucky to count such fine persons as friends.

From: bad karma
That rant is unnecessary. This thread is about a good fellow who is taking a friend with Parkinson's hog hunting. That's what is important: the kindness of a good man to bring a handicapped friend hunting. If you want to whine about medical research, start a new thread.

Best of luck to William and Pat. Although, you'll have good luck, you're going hunting.....

Good luck, I hope you get in amongst them and have the time of your lives1

From: Brotsky
Best of luck to you guys ZK! You are a good person and a better friend! Make some bacon!

From: drycreek
Good luck. "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down a pig's life for his friend." That ain't exactly how it goes, but you get the point. :-)

From: t-roy
Good deal! Best wishes to you all on your hunt!

From: INbowdude
Best of luck to all. Drycreek: I am stealing that line. LOL, well put my friend.

From: Zebrakiller
Thanks everyone this is always a special weekend in the woods

From: wifishkiller
In for pics!

From: GhostBird
Good luck guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: LBshooter
Hope he has a good hunt and shoots a hog! Pardon the pun.

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