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solid color rain suit recommendations
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From: flyingbrass
please recommend a solid color rain suit. I've had a Sitka (misplaced) that I like but I want a solid color now.


From: elkstabber
Green or gray. Not tan or black because then you resemble a game animal.

From: elk yinzer
All day rainforest type stuff or occassional passing shower?

Need it to be athletic and highly technical or not so much?

Does it need to be packable?

Do you need resistance to briars and brush?

Or jack of all trades/master of none?

And the big one...what is your budget?

Impossible to make an honest recommendation without knowing much of that info.

From: Brotsky
I hear good things about the Marmot precip line. Gray or green.

From: Killbuck
first lite

From: Swampbuck

Cabela's XPG Rain Gear

Only draw back are pants that don't have full length zipper.

From: kellyharris
Bright yellow so you look like the fish sticks guy on the box in the frozen food section

From: carcus
Helly hanson impertech

From: woodguy65
Sitka has solid color as well (gray).

From: SixLomaz

SixLomaz's Link
Grundens in Kryptek

From: jims
The best rain gear for the price that I've found is Marmot Precip. I've used an abused it over the years. It breathes just as good as any Sitka raingear I have. The jackets also have pitzips. I wouldn't buy a rain jacket without them! I use it all the time in Alaska and the lower 48. The price is so good at Sierra Trading that I have 2 pairs. I use them as backups or when I don't need camo. They are around $50 each at ST and you can likely get an additional 20 to 30% off if you can find a coupon code.

If I'm not doing much hiking and it's super wet I also use Helly Henson. It isn't breathable though.

From: flyingbrass
I like the HH impertech 2 but thought they discontinued it? Also I've used the Sitka Downpour and was real impressed. I'd like a version of both of these. so recommend something along those lines. both!

From: Beendare
Gore tex and waterproof dont belong in the same sentence for hunting rain gear,

The best light stuff: Kuiu, eVent and PreCip

Lots of good coated options- but heavy

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