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Do any of you remember hucking?
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From: BB

BB's embedded Photo
BB's embedded Photo
A number of years ago I discovered by hacking stuff into the air, that elk would actually come into me. I ended up taking several by that method. I discovered it by throwing sticks at a spike I was trying to scare, who was keeping me from staying up with a herd bull, as he lolly gagged behind the herd. I didn't want him to see me and blow out the herd, so I started throwing things at him and he came right up to me. I did the same to cows later that evening and the same thing happened, and thus to me, hucking was born!

Anyway this past fall, I took the photo I will post, with this write up, as it shows why they come to see whose throwing up all the crap! Notice all the stuff in the air. This bull was raking the ground and throwing up all that junk with his antlers.

Want better luck? Try to huck!

Have a great bowhunt. BB

From: Jaquomo
Bill, great to see you back with us these days and thanks for sharing your wonderful talent!

When I tried hucking the stick came back down and hit me in the head and I ain't been quite right since..


From: GF
At least the "stick" didn't have a broadhead on the front of it!

Gotta wonder about guys who launch BH after high-altitude tree rats...

From: TD
LOL! The look in that bull's eyes explains a lot about them being, um..... "easier" to hunt in the rut......

From: Treeline
Awesome photo, BB! Have seen bulls toss stuff all over raking their antlers but have never tried to throw something at them like you describe.

From: midwest
Bill, I thought this was supposed to be a secret method!

Until this thread, I had forgotten all about you telling me about this and I never did give it a try yet!

From: Brotsky
Is this kind of like the time I was invited to go snipe hunting BB? :) Awesome photo as always and interesting observation! I'll try anything once! Thanks for sharing it with us!

From: ElkNut1
Bill, you bet sir! Hucking, raking, rolling & tossing stuff can certainly stir some bulls up. First time I heard that word was right here from you! (grin) By the way, another great photo too!


From: elkster
I'll remember that tip, Bill. Goofing around, I've almost crawled in longbow range before a cow got too nervous to tolerate me any closer, but this should be good with enough cover.

From: gotbowaz
They don't come to me when I huckel and arrow at them, ha ha ha. Great picture BB! I've also has success at throwing rocks and sticks in their direction but I have never tried to throw anything at a bull. I'll will have to try it!

From: drycreek
Great picture BB, as usual, good to see you here !

From: Scoot
Well lookee here-- a BB post! Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing Bill. I've never heard of hucking but sounds like another tool in the tool belt!

From: Sivart
Only Bill would ever have the nerve to try this.........LOL If it was from anyone else, I'd say they're crazy. I'll have to try it.

From: smarba
I do remember your thread years ago!! Sadly even though it's been in the back of my mind I've never tried it. Great pic and thanks for sharing BB!


From: YZF-88
This year I snuck in to a bull I got bugling. Eventually got too close to call without getting pinned down. I raked a little then picked up a rock and tosses it in the appropriate direction. He came into 15 yards.

From: bentshaft
Great photo!

From: Fuzzy
Nope, I have no hucking memory left.

From: Jaquomo
"Hucking".. Is that what you kids are calling it these days? Back in my day it was "sparkin' and spoonin'"

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