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Heavier carbon arrow
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My typical white tail set up is a 28 inch Easton Axis arrow with a 100 gr. Head weighing 380 gr total. I shoot 60 lbs. From a 27.5 inch draw. My next two travel hunts are for moose and red stag. I am looking for an arrow set up that weighs 80-100 grs. More than my whitetail arrows. I will be using a 125 gr. Fixed broad head. Which carbon arrow would be best?

From: Tajue17
I put a full length of weed wacker line in my arrows and it doesn't effect spine,, pull a nock out and try one in yours before you start buying anything.. cut the line so its a 1/8 longer than flush so the nock locks it in,,, you will find your bow still likes that arrow and you just saved 200bucks...

From: 12yards
The other option is to go with a heavier spine arrow and put more weight up front. You can get heavier inserts. I shoot Gold Tip XT Hunters and you can buy 50 grain aluminum inserts or 100 grain brass inserts. That would give you great FOC with your 125 grain heads.

From: Franzen
CX Piledriver would (likely) get you right there with the 125s, depending on your exact length. Battle tested arrow and not the priciest. Good luck.

From: Brotsky
You already use Easton arrows. Upgrade to the 400 FMJ at 27.5" and you'll be at 440gr with a 125 head. I would add the brass insert to improve FOC and you'll be close to 500gr if you choose the 75gr insert. I would watch spine closely though if you load that much weight up front, you may need to move to a 340. Good luck!

From: lewis
My piledrivers with 125 slick trick mags wraps and 4 fletched weighs a little over 500 gr oops also 28 inches

From: Dino
I used this arrow as a heavier and stronger carbon...set it up for my Aussie Buff Hunt.

From: Buck Watcher
I would shoot for a minimum of 8gpp (60x8gr=480gr) for hunting large game. Axis with 100 gr insert is what I would use. My Axis 300 are 488gr & my FMJ 300 are 584gr.

Weed whacker line compresses/move on impact....not for me.

CX not for me. I prefer made in USA shafts - Axis.

I have a 26 1/2" DL and shoot 65#. Here's what I use.

I shoot Easton Axis 340's cut to 26 1/4". With a 50gr brass insert, 3 blazers, 5" arrow wrap, and 100gr tips, my arrows weigh 435gr. Before I settled on this setup, I also tried 125gr tips and they flew great as well. At 460gr, those would give you what you're looking for.

From: PECO
Look at 3 Rivers archery, you can get weight tubes to put in your arrow.

Thanks all! Appreciated

From: The hammer
If you want more weight without breaking the bank. Shoot aluminum arrows or put weight tubes in them.

From: Ermine
I'm shooting a gold tip Pierce. 26" arrow. Weights 450 grains.

I use the weight modules

Beman is American made and heavier than the Axis my local shops have. I don't think their standard arrows will get you to 460-480. But, I had some 27.5 inch, 400 beman hunters, wearing 125 tips that weighed 430. God Bless

From: HDE
100 gr brass insert and shoot the 100 BH increasing weight by roughly 85 grs above what you're doing now. Just make sure your arrow is stiff enough first.

From: Jim B
I did a ton of experimenting with full length,internal weights,everything from weight tubes to various cords and even powders and granular materials.I can tell you that ALL full length,internal weights,stiffen dynamic spine,regardless of how flexible they are!

You would think that it makes no sense but I promise you it happens.This is the reason-adding weight to the rear of the shaft always stiffens the dynamic spine.

Since your balance point is a good bit ahead of center,you weight tube applies more of it's weight/length,behind the balance point,ie.this acts as more weight on the rear of the arrow and THAT stiffens dynamic spine.It also moves your FOC further back but still,nowhere near center.

I did a lot of work on this,over several years and the results were always the same,dynamic spine was increased.It was maddening trying to come up with a TUNED arrow of a specific,heavier weight.

The process was frought with all manner of other problems as well.Weight tubes varied up to 17 grs difference in a batch.Nocks often popped off,weights compacted forward in the shaft etc.I finally gave up.I will never try internal weights again.

I think it's much easier going to a heavier shaft or if you are an FOC guy,stiffer shaft and more up front weight.No matter what method you use,you will have to re-tune.

From: Buffalo1

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