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Survey of CT guys - bow or crossbow??
Whitetail Deer
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HerdManager 13-Oct-17
Will 13-Oct-17
Wayniac 13-Oct-17
onepin 13-Oct-17
canepole 13-Oct-17
GF 13-Oct-17
Brian M. 13-Oct-17
expeditiontraders 14-Oct-17
Jerry Leblanc 15-Oct-17
shawnm 15-Oct-17
Bou'bound 15-Oct-17
Jack Harris 15-Oct-17
GF 15-Oct-17
notme 15-Oct-17
FULL DRAW 16-Oct-17
steve 16-Oct-17
From: HerdManager
Notice quite a few of the CT guys use crossbows on live hunts. Just wondering if they would post here with their choice of weapon. Curious what the distribution is bow/crossbow.

From: Will
Technically MA residence for me, but I hunt CT as well, and have done 1-2 live mobiles from there so far this year...

Vert bow for me.

From: Wayniac

From: onepin
Bow for the last 33 years. Switched over to cross bow due to shoulder injury (really older age) torn rotator. Like the cross bow but not the same rush as when you are pulling back on live venison. Rick

From: canepole
Recurve, not that it matters to anyone but me! But if I end up like onepin I certainly wouldn't have a problem switching.

From: GF
I've done 99% of my CT bowhunting with a Recurve, but that's likely to change.... 'Cuz now I've got a coupla longbows.

I did get one deer with a compound, but I traded it off for one of the LBs. I'll go back to wheels if I ever need to.

Tell ya, though... After reading about the guy who used a scoped xbow to "accidentally" shoot a coyote that turned out to be a dog, I would endorse a scope ban (or a 1X magnification limit), because I don't think he would have made that same bad decision/mistake without optics.

From: Brian M.
I don't do live hunts, but longbow this year, and recurve when I use my climber, or when I just feel like switching it up.

Compound bow

I have both a compound and crossbow. I hunt with the compound except when I am making a quick turkey hunt without my blind (and I think that has only been twice). I much prefer the compound. If I have a solid rest I am more accurate with the crossbow but offhand they are about the same for me.

From: shawnm
I use compound only. Don't own a X bow and have no plans to purchase one anytime soon. The day I can't draw over 50 I'll switch!

From: Bou'bound
The ct success rate seems to be the same with both

From: Jack Harris
x-bows are here to stay. Embrace and unite.... I know a lot of good men, good ethical hunters that made the switch. Not for me - but perhaps someday it might be if it keeps me in the woods. This really needs to stop at some point. I fully understand both sides of it - trust me.

From: GF
“The ct success rate seems to be the same with both“

That’s because success in CT has a lot more to do with WHERE you hunt than what you hunt with.

I’ve shot maybe 2 dozen here - all methods combined and mostly NOT Archery, but all of my luck on private land in SFFC. I’ve probably taken 4 of those on shots that I could not have made with a recurve. And 2 of those were 20 minute hunts. And that doesn’t count shots I’ve passed up because it was the wrong animal, or even a couple that would have been chip-shots with a bow but I had to pass up due to safety issues, what with houses around.

I think this state probably NEEDS x-bows to get the herd under control, if ONLY because there have to be gun-only hunters who have private land locked up and who might take more deer over a longer season with more tags available. If the x-bows ge them hunting “bow” seasons, then so much the better.

Just hope they’ll take more does and not just more bucks.

And it sure would be nice to restrict them to private land for the Archery-only dates.

From: notme
Too many years of swinging hammers and lifting double bundles of roofing have taken a toll on my shoulders..i know its only a matter of time ..

Agree with GF,the state sees/hopes the x bow is crowd control for deer

I use both. However prefer the compound bow, xbows's are not as easy as everyone thinks. They are big and cumbersome even the small ones.

Compound bow only.

From: steve
I switch totally to xbow this year just cant pull my bow back anymore.Steve

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