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Quiet, light, burr resistant outer layer
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Scoot 13-Oct-17
Brotsky 13-Oct-17
APauls 13-Oct-17
LBshooter 13-Oct-17
Franzen 13-Oct-17
smarba 13-Oct-17
IKE220 14-Oct-17
WV Mountaineer 14-Oct-17
Scoot 14-Oct-17
t-roy 14-Oct-17
Buckskin22 14-Oct-17
Scrappy 14-Oct-17
From: Scoot
I'm looking for something very light and quiet that I can slip over my hunting clothes for walking to and from the stand that will keep all of the dang cockle burrs and beggar's lice off of me. Any suggestions?

I'm thinking of something like Frog Togg's raingear- would that work? No idea if it's burr resistant or not. Seems like it would work great when it's new but terribly as it gets a little worn.

From: Brotsky
I usually clear a trail to and from my stands of all the offensive flora you listed above. I like to do that in early September if possible. If you aren't able to do that I would recommend a simple painters Tyvek suit or something like you could just slip over your clothes, should be cheap and effective and you wouldn't be out much if you tore it up.

From: APauls
Burrs are good camo. It's like a leafy suit.

From: LBshooter
If you could figure out a fabric that's resists burrs and is quiet you could retire. The only thing I know is fortes and that ain't quiet.

From: Franzen
Manscape and skivvies on the way in here. No issues. Hey, it's Friday.

From: smarba
But the key is Manscape. Otherwise you'll catch more burrs than your original hunting clothes would LOL

From: IKE220
Beggers lice drive me nuts. I picked up a Burr Paw to keep in my pack. It rolls up and is similar to the fuzzy side of velcro. It takes cockel burrs and beggers lice right off by rubbing across them. You clean by rubbing together. Google..Burrpaw if interested.

Buy some Sitka, first lite, Kuiu or, something like that. It's sure to work like a premium. :^)

From: Scoot
OK, you clowns sure are helpful (except the few of you who actually tried).

How about this... forget my quiet criterion. How about something light that resists burrs. Would Frog Toggs work?

Brotsky, it's not practical to clear a path for me for many sits because I carry my stand with me and hang it that evening about 1/2 the time. I do a lot of "tree bouncing" depending on the exact wind. And the beggar's lice is remarkable around here- can't escape it.

From: t-roy
I ain’t found anything yet, scoot. We call them preacher’s lice, or #*@&* stickers! Like IKE220 stated, those Burr Paws worked pretty well.

From: Buckskin22
Sitka traverse is awesome. Burrs don't stick to it and it's got fleece on the inside that will quiet down an otherwise noisy insulated under layer like a primaloft jacket or vest. It's my most used piece of camo

From: Scrappy

Scrappy's embedded Photo
Scrappy's embedded Photo
I thought begger lice where bad here in iowa until i ran into some in Montana last month. Give me iowa beggars lice any day

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