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Kitchen Aid attachment grinder?
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Ucsdryder 13-Oct-17
BOX CALL 13-Oct-17
Ucsdryder 13-Oct-17
tobywon 13-Oct-17
StickFlicker 14-Oct-17
TD 14-Oct-17
Franklin 14-Oct-17
Medicinemann 14-Oct-17
butcherboy 14-Oct-17
Buskill 14-Oct-17
Gman 14-Oct-17
orionsbrother 14-Oct-17
APauls 14-Oct-17
PECO 14-Oct-17
Russ Koon 14-Oct-17
KYBourbon 14-Oct-17
tradi-doerr 16-Oct-17
craig@work 16-Oct-17
From: Ucsdryder
Has anybody successfully used a grinder attachment for a kitchen aid to grind venison into burger? Trying to keep the cost down and would prefer not to buy a grinder. Goal is to kill a doe and grind everything except the straps and tenderloins into 5 pound packs of burger that can then be made into jerky for the kids!

Yep I use one for bratwurst.make sure meat is semi froze and run speed on 4.there is two plates.I use big hole plate for pork.never ground venison yet.keep everything cold and clean thoroughly afterwards.

From: Ucsdryder
Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!

From: tobywon
It will work, attachment is small but its pretty powerful with they way those Kitchen aids are made. I have a grinder so I use that for when I have a lot of meat. My sister had the attachment for the Kitchen aid and didn't use it so she gave it to me this year. I use it when I want something ground quick like some wild turkey breast I had. It would be no problem with venison. Quick and easy and I put all the parts in dishwasher for easy cleanup.

From: StickFlicker
I've used one to grind all my game meat for about 10 years. It has worked fine for an animal or two a year, even up to elk size. Mine doesn't seem to work as well lately, though, and it gets bound-up far more frequently. I'm not sure if it has strained the motor over the years using it as a grinder or not. I replaced the metal grinding parts, didn't help. Just broke down and bought a grinder from Cabela's.

From: TD
"It will work". That is about the best I could say about it. In all honesty I've had cheap hand grinders over the years that worked too.... maybe better. Had a really large hand grinder (#32 plate and knife) for the last few years that worked FAR better and if I recall was cheaper than the kitchen aide attachment. Just have to build a solid mount of some sort for it.

WRT the attachment...... If you have a few lbs to grind, trim the heck out of it, make sure it's semi frozen. Much more than 5 or 10 lbs and that motor is hot as heck, I was worried I was going to burn out Coach's mixer.

Some study, reviews in forums and such.... some shopping for sales and a bit of patience I picked up a real nice 3/4 hp electric for a good bit less than what replacing her 7 quart mixer would have been. It grinds anything I can throw at it as fast as I can throw it. My only regret is I might have gotten it sooner using the money I spent on the attachment..... =D

From: Franklin
Like others have said....YES....clean up your meat and cut into manageable cubes and it works fine....just use common sense. Grinding chilled meat and fat is crucial to quality ground meat or sausage.

From: Medicinemann
Mine works great.

From: butcherboy
I use my wife’s kitchen aide to grind small stuff like leftover cooked roast, sometimes leftover cooked steak. Add some mayo to it and it makes a fantastic sandwich spread. For the big stuff I use my two grinders at work!

From: Buskill
Mine has worked well

From: Gman
i have a solo grinder and the KA attachment. KA works fine on venison. I have used it mostly for last minute decision to turn small packs of steaks into burger. not sure I would use to process full animal worth. i bought a grinder online for $100. been working great for over 5 years now.

We don't grind a very large percentage of my venison, but that attachment has worked well for us. My wife makes caseless sausage with very little or no pork added that she uses for making home-made pizzas. Like others have said, if you want to grind a large volume of venison, look at picking up a dedicated grinder.

From: APauls
A larger hand grinder will whip through meat quickly that's what we've always used and don't need to be semi-frozen.

A few years back my dad got a 3/4hp Cabelas grinder and that thing is the cats meow! Now I just bunch it up and do batches of 100lbs or more. It literally goes through meat as fast as you can put it in. Recently did about 200lbs ground and wrapped in a couple hours

From: PECO
We use one and have done deer and elk with it. If I killed more stuff I would get a real grinder.

From: Russ Koon
Used the grinder attachment on the wife's ancient KitchenAid to grind my venison for about ten years, maybe six deer total. It was still doing the job, but I suspected that it was slower than a dedicated one would be and also that it would be more costly to replace if I did wear it out, so when I noticed a sale on the lowest-price one at Dick's one year, I grabbed it up for about $50.

That one ran circles around the KA attachment, and clogged far less frequently. Still using it after about a dozen more deer and one elk. Figure it was at least worth the $50 in time saved, and her trusty KA is still in the cabinet for when she occasionally feels like making some ham salad. I'm pretty sure the average dedicated grinder that costs more than $50 would run circles around my cheapie, but I'll probably never find out, as I'm nearing the end of my hunting days and am retired so that time saving is no longer as crucial.

Made some tough economic decisions in our early years as a family, and I was always kind of a tightwad, but I'd say the low-cost dedicated grinder option would likely be a decision that would prove to have been a wise one over time.

From: KYBourbon
We used a kitchen aid for 2 years. It worked but we went slow. The motor got pretty warm. They aren’t cheap, and I didn’t want to over work it. Picked up a cheap grinder at Academy on sale. Cheaper than replacing the Kitchen Aid.

From: tradi-doerr
I've used one on my wife's kitchen Aid for about 15yrs now with no problems, both elk & deer have been run through it, best investment for processing our game meat.

From: craig@work
I burned my wife's kitchen aid up using the grinder. Luckily under warranty but still she was not happy. I use a "real" grinder now.

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