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Cleaning a Ghillie
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Hey , just got my new Ghillie want to hunt with it asap. I was wondering how everyone get's theirs scent free. I have an ozone generator that I use a lot for my clothes, but I generally run them through the scent free wash regime first and use Ozone as my gear maintenance. Thoughts or technique to wash?

From: APauls
No way I'd stick that in a machine. Throw it in the tub with some scent-free deterg and work it around a bit and hang to dry you'll be fine.

From: smarba
Yeah, I'd think hand wash in tub or laundry sink & hang. Make sure you check bowstring clearance, as you'll likely want to trim some of the fibers on your bow arm, perhaps part of your chest area etc. so you don't risk any interference.

I've used ghillies for 30 guys are spot on,,,tub wash and sop it by hand. Never put a ghillie in a machine to wash..wring out by hand,,,my wife and I usually get on opposite ends and twist in different directions to get most of the water out,hang outside to dry,,,side note,,I've bought the fall leaf decorations from Wal-Mart with the leaves that are changing color ,took them apart and sewed them in various places all over the suit..looks incredible..

From: dhaverstick
I can also tell you from experience that you never want to put one in a dryer. It comes out looking like a camo colored poodle! Darren

If it is a burlap (Rancho Safari), it will always smell that way. It’s the nature of the product.

You said you want to use it ASAP, but it is recommended to bury it in the soil you plan to hunt to absorb the smells and minerals of the local soil.

From: Treeline
Just hang it in some trees for a day and use it. If you do get something that smells really strong on it, then hand wash and hang in bushes to dry. Don’t think I’ve ever washed one...

Great advice guys...Thanks!

From: LBshooter
Baking soda and rinse we'll hang then hit it with the scent killer spray. I don't think the smell of burlap is going to frighten deer.

From: Feedjake
I also have experience with the wet poodle look. Do NOT put it in a washer!

From: bighorn
Hang it in some farmers barn. deer , elk, bear all live in cow country. If smelling like a cow is okay with you. My Grandpa always hung his hunting clothes in the barn, or next to the wood stove to smell like smoke.

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