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Rusty broadheads
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gottoohunt 16-Oct-17
Franzen 16-Oct-17
Tilzbow 16-Oct-17
Scar Finga 16-Oct-17
elkstabber 16-Oct-17
killinstuff 16-Oct-17
scentman 16-Oct-17
gottoohunt 19-Oct-17
Ole Coyote 19-Oct-17
kellyharris 19-Oct-17
Kurt 19-Oct-17
mgmicky 19-Oct-17
t-roy 19-Oct-17
cnelk 19-Oct-17
gottoohunt 20-Oct-17
GF 20-Oct-17
oldgoat 21-Oct-17
buffsnuffer 21-Oct-17
TD 21-Oct-17
t-roy 21-Oct-17
From: gottoohunt
What do you use to help to prevent your carbon steel broadheads from rusting? During the season I touch mine up on occasion, but was wondering if there is something to put on them to keep the rust at a minimum.

From: Franzen
I believe some use a sharpie.

From: Tilzbow
I've used Vaseline or a sharpie with similar results. Both have to be reapplied periodically but do last long enough so it's not much trouble.

From: Scar Finga
Carefully rub them down with a little bees wax, or you can use clear fingernail polish.

From: elkstabber
I use chapstick because it's thicker and stays on better than Vaseline.

From: killinstuff
Best off to just to lightly strop them a few times before you head out. Easy too, a piece of cardboard, the bottom of a coffee cup or the top of you cars window.

From: scentman
I have thought of spraying mine with aerosol vegetable oil.

From: gottoohunt
Thanks for the responses, I believe I will try either the sharpie or the chapstick if I can find some that is unscented. gottoohunt

From: Ole Coyote
Where are you keeping them that they are rusting? Find a better place!

From: kellyharris
Are used to shoot Savora broadheads and then things and rust within weeks

From: Kurt
When I shot Zwickeys I’d “saw” them into paraffin wax. An old candle worked well.

From: mgmicky
Snow Seal or Montana Pitch Blend works well for me

From: t-roy
Some good ideas on here.

I used a sharpie on my VPAs on a recent moose hunt in Alaska where it rained every day. I didn’t think it worked very well, but it was also under extreme conditions. I’ll give some of the other suggestions made on here a try. Thanks for the ideas guys!

From: cnelk
3in1 oil [odorless] or WD-40 [not odorless]

From: gottoohunt
Ole Coyote, I hunt in all types of weather and they will show signs of rust if left in the quiver.

From: GF
Just don’t put on anything hard or thick that will cause the edges to perform as if they were duller than they are.

Chapstick, OK. Nail polish.... you’d be better off with rust.


From: oldgoat
I use the Sharpie, get one of the big Magnum ones. I don't want to get anything in my quiver foam that attracts and retains dust and debris, dust and debris promote corrosion at a faster rate. I learned a lot about corrosion control in the Navy, they spend lots of money on rust and paint!

From: buffsnuffer
Lem brand silicone spray. Same stuff I use for the meat grinder.

From: TD
Rusty Broadheads..... What a coincidence...... that was my adult film name in the 80's.....

From: t-roy
Hopefully you didn’t use Vaseline back then, TD!

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