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kylesredapple's Link

I want to see if this cool video I took will load. If it works watch all the way to the end.

From: GotBowAz
Too darn close for comfort right there! great video. Just don't get why it's narrow instead of full view?

From: trackman
Cool way to stand your ground

I forgot to turn my phone sideways.

From: longspeak74
Nice work!

Cool stuff. What were you hunting?

I was bowhunting Elk. BTW, he touched my toe with his nose.

From: sitO
Awesome footage bud, you've got some brass!

From: drycreek
Piss poor time to be short one bear tag Kyle ! Wow !

Wow great video!!

From: Brian M.
I'll bet that tree ( bush?) Was looking pretty small at the moment. Cool footage.

From: Ibow
Great video! Pretty bear and great video. Thanks for sharing!

From: SBH
That's awesome. Nice work.

From: Mr.C
cool video that's for share and glad your not posting this from the ER ,,, that's to close your lucky he was in a good mood JMO I wouldn't let a deer get that close let alone a bear. again that's just me I know how fast they go from good to bad and what they can do to flesh on bone in the blink of an eye ..good luck hunting MikeC

So, Here's what my thought process was during this time. The tank I was at is 1.5 miles from the truck and the truck is 13 miles from a main road and 30 miles from there to people. I only brought my bow with me for some stupid reason and when the bear first got to the tank I thought this is cool. So I start videoing and it turns and comes right to me. I honestly didn't think about any danger until it came within a few feet of me. I then thought about my two options, shoot it at point blank and risk a fight with it or continue to record my untimely demise so that my wife would have proof of death and could collect insurance. I figured with the way insurance companies treat people nowadays that continuing to record was the most rational thing to do.

From: Mr.C
funny ..but yes! so engrossed in what your doing you didn't think about it until " oh s&^%" we've all been there!.. good stuff man, thumbs up stay safe MikeC

From: GF
Nice shade of brown there… Probably would’ve matched the inside of my shorts!

I believe that’s the first time I’ve ever noticed the eye color of a bear in a video.

Did you call him in? Or were you just set up too close to the trail?

From: BigRed
Very cool... Those are the kind of experiences that I crave while hunting.

From: SteveB
Awesome! Had the exact same thing happen in New Mexico in the very similar setting, except that the young bear had just torn up my Montana decoy before nearly running over me! My "guide" got so afraid that he about wet himself :)

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