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UltimatePred 18-Oct-17
PECO 18-Oct-17
tobinsghost 18-Oct-17
UltimatePred 06-Apr-18
Shawn 06-Apr-18
UltimatePred 07-Apr-18
From: UltimatePred

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Our Stalker Decoy can put a huge smile on your face too!! Use promo code GameChanger15% to receive a 15% discount on a Whitetail Stalker Decoy. Offer expires 10/22/17. ***Before you ask......this is not a high fenced ranch. It's just a regular ole cattle ranch in Oklahoma :).

Whitetail Stalker Decoy In Action from Lance Hallum on Vimeo.

From: PECO
Great buck!

From: tobinsghost
No way that happened, he isn't even wearing camo! HA!

Very nice buck! Congrats.

From: UltimatePred
I know tobinsghost. Isn't that crazy!

From: Shawn
Great buck but the shot was kind of crazy, almost facing him. Do you have a whitetail buck decoy? I did not see one on your site. Thanks! Shawn

From: UltimatePred
Shawn, yeah.....he got a little trigger happy. The bucks are almost like clockwork. The vast majority of them will get to about the 17-23 yard mark and turn broadside. I'm not sure if they think the gig is up or if they are just presenting how big they are. It's rather comical because they will turn broadside left, then broadside right, and so on.

We only currently have the doe. I have prototyped a buck, and I'm sure we will eventually come out with one. However, the interesting thing I have discovered while testing them is that I can actually get considerably closer a lot of the times with the doe than the buck. In fact, this past season, I had a nice 8 point walk to within 4 yards of me. In three days this past season I was able to get (on average) to within 35-45 yards of bucks with the buck decoy. However, during those same three days with the doe, I was able to get within 22, 21, 15, 11, 8, and 4 yards of bucks. I don't doubt for a second that if you find the right feisty buck, he will come charging to run you off. However, I personally feel those bucks are few and far between. Most prefer to round up the ladies.

I kind of relate this to guys trying to pick up chicks in a club/bar. Would you rather go round up a cute girl or would you rather fight a guy?

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