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mat1739 20-Oct-17
Dorobuta 20-Oct-17
Proline 20-Oct-17
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Ironbow 20-Oct-17
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From: mat1739
I currently shooting a Left Handed Darton DS 3800 equipped with a MBG Ascent Verdict 5 pin sight.

The last couple weeks I've noticed when I'm shooting that I'm hitting about 1" right of the bullseye at 20yd. I have no issue shooting small groups of 4-5 arrows in this area of the target. So, I make 2 - 3 clicks on the Verdict to the correct the issue and I'm in the bull.

Get my bow out the next time I'm shooting and "voilĂ " 1" right again. Make the correct after shooting several groups and I'm back in the bull.

This is starting to become a trend.

Any input on this matter. I'm sure that I'm doing something completely wrong and just not picking it up.

Any suggestions, please.


From: Dorobuta
Sounds like you may be torquing the bow at the shot. Or your timing at the release is consistent with a wobble to the right...

From: Proline
I'd second the above

From: Hunting5555
Check your equipment and make sure everything is tight. Check all measurements, A to A, brace, etc. and make sure the bow is still in spec. Something is changing on the bow if every time you pick it up it is basically 1" farther right than it was the time before.

A one time adjustment for new torquing of a bow is possible, multiple times like you describe is very unlikely. That would mean you are getting worse and worse with the torquing. At this point, that problem should be obvious.

Bows are a repeatable piece of equipment. If it is still moving, then something is still changing.....

From: Ironbow
I had something similar happening once, my strings were getting bad. They finally let go while at full draw, something I don't recommend experiencing.

Something is happening with the bow.

From: Scar Finga
I agree with above, you have something else going on besides torching the bow. Check everything, and then check it again. When was the last time you replaced your string and cables? If more than two years, I would do that now. Shoot the strings in and then put it all back to factory specs.

From: drycreek
Probably not what it is for you, but I had similar issues as my right eye began getting worse. I have retina problems in my right eye and it was causing dominance problems. My left eye was trying to take over due to the poor sight in my right. I kept grouping left at the start of each session and it about drove me to drink, (ok, I already liked it) :-)

Finally solved it by squinting the left eye until settling on the target, then opening my left in order to get the whole picture. No more left grouping after I ingrained that into my shooting. Good luck, hope you get it figured out.

From: woodguy65
Kisser or D loop loose.

From: carcus
curved cable guard came loose?

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