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Which Elite Archery compound for fingers
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Bentstick81 23-Oct-17
12yards 24-Oct-17
Bowfreak 24-Oct-17
elkmtngear 24-Oct-17
Trial153 24-Oct-17
Buffalo1 24-Oct-17
ohiohunter 24-Oct-17
GF 24-Oct-17
From: Bentstick81
Which Elite Archery Compound would you recommend for fingers release, instinctive? I have heard how smooth they are on pulling back. Thanks

From: 12yards
Not sure you'd like an Elite for finger shooting. I think they have very high letoff and a very deep valley which doesn't necessarily work great for fingers. But if you wanted to try one the V39 (Victory 39) might be a good one. They also make a V37 if you wanted something a bit shorter.

From: Bowfreak
I agree with 12 yards, he's spot on. I would look to something like a PSE Beast or Hoyt Double XL if I wanted to continue to shoot fingers. To each his own though as the Elite may be exactly what you are looking for.

From: elkmtngear

elkmtngear's embedded Photo
elkmtngear's embedded Photo
Elite Pure has been very good to me, I bought mine in 2013. Smoothest bow I've ever shot, 36 inch ATA. Even with my bum shoulder, I shoot 65 lbs draw weight with no struggle. I've killed quite a few critters with it, and won several 3D shoots in my class ("Bowhunter" class).

I shoot instinctive, 2 fingers split.

Best of Luck, Jeff

From: Trial153
Pure if you can find one .....

From: Buffalo1

Please PM me with personal contact info, if you are interested in an Elite Pure.

I will contact on Thur or Fri.

Much Thanks, Buffalo1

From: ohiohunter
If an elite doesn't work out for you I recently picked up a mathews triumph for indoor. It has a long ATA and feels good on the fingers. I may hunt with it in the future. Good luck!

From: GF
FWIW, there are GREAT finger-shooting compounds ALL OVER Craigslist....

They won’t be the fastest, maybe, but talk about your Buyer’s Market...

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