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2 PP WY Pronghorn Options???
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coelker 24-Oct-17
Dirtman 24-Oct-17
jmiller 24-Oct-17
WapitiBob 24-Oct-17
From: coelker
My wife has 4 points that we built in order for her to split with my daughter on her very first archery big game hunt. Next spring will be here before I know it and I need a plan for the draw.

Any thoughts on a unit with decent access and good archery opportunity for antelope? We have a couple blinds and will be out on opening morning etc. I just want a hunt for them to be successful. Also a hunt where we can take my son on the same adventure with his mom when he turns old enough in 4 years.

Thanks for any dirction you can provide. Also anything closer to the Baggs and Rawlins area would be better as we live in NW Colorado.

Size is not important they both love the meat and both would be as happy with a 10" tall buck as they would a 16".

From: Dirtman
I’m in the same boat and from my quick review of 2017 draw odds 2 point doesn’t get much more than 0. I’m sure there’s others with more knowledge than me that may be able to help with a decent unit. 4-6 points gets you into some units with lots of public land. You can go for the special draw with 2 and get some better units. Luck can be on your side for in the random draw as well!

From: jmiller
The special drawing is worth looking into with 2 points. Sone good units can be pulled.

From: WapitiBob
Special is $600 now, dang.

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