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From: GF
Not sure what’s going on, but it seems like the coins around here have started chasing oncoming card. Roadkills all over the place.

I know skunks get high mortality in the Spring because they are out and about and orient to the white lines on the road, but I’ve never seen such coon carnage (coonage???)

Anybody else noticing anything unusual? ( Can’t ask non-hunters because they don’t ever notice!)

Coon rut is on!!

From: milnrick
I had a survival instructor tell me to find a coon if I ever got lost in the woods I it he meant for food? He said no, you should always follow the coon because they go to a road to die.

From: Brotsky
Is it time to start catching oppomsum??

From: Z Barebow
Why did the chicken cross the road?

To show a raccoon it could be done.

With fur prices so low and no trapping/shooting which pushes up density and increases chances of road deaths

From: smarba
Yeah, somehow to antis trapping and using furs as a renewable resource is BAD. But critters getting run over by cars, eh, who cares?

From: keith
Smarba, I had someone tell me that animals getting hit by cars is "natural".

From: GF
"Is it time to start catching oppomsum??"

ROFL, brother!

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