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Ward's Outfitters 26-Oct-17
kota-man 26-Oct-17
expeditiontraders 26-Oct-17
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drycreek 27-Oct-17
Ward's Outfitters 27-Oct-17
kota-man 27-Oct-17
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If you all want to see what's going on at Ward's Outfitters follow us in Facebook and Instagram. We will continue to post on bowsite but sometimes it's much easier to post on our social media pages.

From: kota-man
Sorry Steven, but if I'm gonna follow along, it has to be Twitter. ?? My social media world is Bowsite and Twitter and that's it. I'd never get anything done if I had more than that to deal with....

I might be a dinosaur. The only social media I use is LinkedIn and I use that under protest.

From: Zackman
Get with the times Kota...

Don't show your true age :)

From: drycreek
I guess I'm a caveman then, because if it ain't on one of the three hunting forums I visit, I just won't see it.

Cory we also post on Twitter. Today starts our rifle coues season here in az.

From: kota-man
I just followed you Steven! Good luck with your rifle hunts.

From: Jasper
Following on both!

From: Swampbuck
What the he!! is Fakebook and instagram?

From: BTM
Yeah, no kidding, Swampbuck! (I'm still waiting for someone to invent a music platform better than the eight-track.)

From: Trial153
Following on instagram

What’s twitter and Instagram? :)

Did I win?!?

From: RobertBrown
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