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Rage SS vs hypodermic +p
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carcus 26-Oct-17
wyelkhunter 26-Oct-17
elkstabber 27-Oct-17
KY EyeBow 27-Oct-17
carcus 27-Oct-17
ELKMAN 27-Oct-17
Bou'bound 27-Oct-17
I have been using the SS & I have had good success. I'm just curious what you guys think about the hypothermic +p. Is it worth the extra 5-6 bucks? Or is a 1 1/2" mechanical a 1 1/2" mechanical? Please no mechanical or rage hate.

From: carcus
Keep using the SS, or wait for the chinadermic +P

From: wyelkhunter
I have used both and really like the hypodermic. The solid point vs. the blade works better in my opinion if you hit bone.

From: elkstabber
The only difference is the ferrule, right? Same blades, I think? The SS has an aluminum ferrule and comes with either a blade or chisel tip. The Hypo +P has a stainless ferrule and only comes with a chisel tip. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

From: KY EyeBow
Been using the +P in 125 grain this year and have liked the results so far. I think this design will penetrate a bit better due to the blade angle being a bit less severe. It does have a 1 1/2 inch cut, at least that is what is said on the package. I will continue to use it on deer i believe.

From: carcus
I've been using snypers(pre rage) , same broadhead, they have a 1 5/8" cut, much better blade angle than the 2" and they use a rubber band at the front for blade retention which IMO is much superior, Ive killed around 40-50 deer and big bears with them most have died within sight, zero failures! I bought a dozen packs when I heard they sold out to Rage. Now that I'm down to a few packs I am happy to see rage is making these, I don't like the 2" blade angle at all

I would stay with the SS personally.

From: Bou'bound
Deadly heads won’t regret.

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