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So neat new topic. Zone C WI bear.
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Xbowdoctor95 26-Oct-17
Huntcell 27-Oct-17
longspeak74 27-Oct-17
Xbowdoctor95 27-Oct-17
From: Xbowdoctor95
So with the deadline coming fast, what’s the chances of getting a Zone C tag on first year? I got a couple of gentleman that would like to get in on some bear hunting but have no points. Whatta you fellas think? I’ve heard odds are quite high as of recently. And on top of all that info. I’ll get some cam pics up but on my deer cams we got a bruiser roaming the land. My Great uncle/trail cam size expert (ha) said the last bear on his land was smaller than this one and was brimming 600 lbs (his buddy took it off a millennia ago I guess). These books and pages I’m reading speak a lot of “trophy bears” but what’s your guys take on particular baits and scents for such an aged monster. It’ll be a hassle I’m sure, but he’s not showing signs of leaving, nor does he make himself visible to the naked eye. It’ll be fun I’m sure!

From: Huntcell
Chances are excellent ! Friend drew with no points this year. No indication there will be any reduction in tags next year. Heard -C- was undersubscribed this year.

From: longspeak74
Shouldn't be a problem for C at all. A 600 lb'er in C...impressive.

From: Xbowdoctor95
The bear is definitely a sizable fella. Which means he's smart. Like I said, I'll have to weed through our trail cam picture file and find the ones with him on it. I'll post them the minute I find em!

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