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Footed shaf on carbon arrows
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goelk 27-Oct-17
Ambush 27-Oct-17
Mike the Carpenter 27-Oct-17
oldgoat 27-Oct-17
Beendare 27-Oct-17
wildwilderness 27-Oct-17
Trial153 28-Oct-17
DG2 30-Oct-17
olebuck 30-Oct-17
From: goelk
How many of you put footed shaft on your carbon arrows as a trad or compound

From: Ambush

Ambush's embedded Photo
Ambush's embedded Photo
I foot Easton Axis 340’s and 400’s.


Mike the Carpenter's embedded Photo
Mike the Carpenter's embedded Photo
I prefer to foot wooden shafts.

From: oldgoat
I have, works great, about as bullet proof as you can get. Hard part is finding just the right diameter shaft to do it with. Goldtip sells some of their shafts with a factory made footing that works well, in my opinion, unless you have shafts and gear available to cut and bevel the footing, paying for the factory ones is well worth it!

From: Beendare
I did for a little while....more hassle than its worth.

I haven't noticed any difference between the axis shafts i did and ones I didn't. Shoot them in the rocks and nuthin is going to help.

It's pretty easy to do but decided it wasn't that necessary on my axis shafts. The decision came down to the footing catching on my bag targets bugging me too much. And yes, I did bevel the edge

From: Trial153
I foot shafts with HITS, I used to make my own footings however I now buy a flanged footing from VPA, it's better by far then anything I could build

From: DG2
Tophat makes Protector Ring which are available in many different sizes, and also they don't cost much.

From: olebuck
I foot my Gold tip .300 spine with 2" of aluminum shaft.

i shoot along fixed blade broad head, and i think it helps strengthen the feral, plus i like the added weight.

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