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Would short limbs bd ok for a target rig
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Daryl Pelfrey 28-Oct-17
WapitiBob 28-Oct-17
x-man 30-Oct-17
Hunting5555 31-Oct-17
Would short limbs be ok for a target rig? I know most target bows have long limbs but would shorts be a hinderance? To me longer limbs have to much buzz after the shot.

From: WapitiBob
Mathews and PSE have short limbs and are winning a bunch. I don't think it makes much difference.

From: x-man
Limbs should make zero difference. The best target bows have at least a 7+" brace height, at least 36" ATA length, and a rock-solid back wall. Add top-shelf strings and cables, proper stabilizing, and 100% identical arrows.

From: Hunting5555
Honestly, it's more about "forgiveness" than whether they will shoot good. A good archer will shoot just about any bow you put in his hands "lights out". The specs x-man has given is basically for that 1 time out of 100 when something doesn't go off as it should. That's when it becomes a matter of whether you get an on the line 10X or just a 10 or 9.... Longer ATA and higher brace height is known for being more forgiving than short ATA, low brace height. But, that assumes you shoot well enough to KNOW when a shot doesn't go off like it should. :)

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