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Fast Eddie XL vs. The Hogg Father
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RX-1 Ultra 30-Oct-17
Ermine 30-Oct-17
YZF-88 30-Oct-17
Dino 31-Oct-17
rattles33 31-Oct-17
YZF-88 31-Oct-17
Butcher 31-Oct-17
Wood 31-Oct-17
RX-1 Ultra 31-Oct-17
Dos Cabezas 10-Oct-18
Ucsdryder 10-Oct-18
geoffp 10-Oct-18
OFFHNTN 11-Oct-18
From: RX-1 Ultra
I am ordering a new sight and am trying to decide between a Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL and The Hogg Father. I was wondering if anyone had any opinions which is a better sight and why. I am currently shooting a 7 pin Hogg It.

From: Ermine
I use the hogg father and have no experience with the fast eddie. But from the looks of it the fast eddie is more cheap. More plastic looking to me

From: YZF-88
I went from using a 7 Deadly Pins to the Fast Eddie double pin this year. It's a quality item. I won't go back.

From: Dino
I too love my Fast Eddie double pin! Great sight and super tough.

From: rattles33
I bought the fast eddie this year--not the xl--double pin. Really like the double pin feature--but am disappointed in its pin brightness while hunting out of a ground blind. When I hunt out of a blind during bright conditions the pins wash out, and at dusk, pin brightness is poor in my opinion. My cheap trophy ridge sight was far brighter--but love the double pin feature. I've addressed the pin brightness by installing a light--but feel for the money it should be brigher.

From: YZF-88
Per Dino's "super tough" comment. I'll 2nd that. Sunday afternoon I dropped my bow after falling in a canyon. It took 3 hard bounces off boulders. The last bounce was right on the sight body. It moved up the slide a little. I rolled it back and shot last night. Still dead on out to 30 (couldn't shoot further than that in my yard).

From: Butcher
Have both and perfect the xl due to weight saving, the father has better micro adjustments for target practice but not used in hunting situations. I like the triple ring, allows bigger peep alignment. I do think pins should be brighter. On advantage to father is you can use to put stent stakes in if you can’t find a rock

From: Wood
I have a Fast Eddie 2 pin. I like the sight, but... there is no micro elevation adjustment. The only thing you can do if your elevation is off, is to either move the move the yardage indicator within the little bit of adjustment it has. (oval shaped hole for the set screw) or pull your sight tape off and move it.

From: RX-1 Ultra
Thanks for the info guys. My Hogg it is a seven pin and I would be getting a seven pin sight again. I like the micro adjust of the Hogg Father. Does anyone know much lighter the Fast Eddie XL is than the Hogg Father?

I know this is late to the game but the Hogg Father is just over an oz heavier. As mentioned above the major difference is the elevation micro adjust feature on the Hogg Father. The Fast Eddie XL does not have that adjustment.

From: Ucsdryder
I have the hogg father. Love the micro adjust. I don’t have any input regarding xl.

From: geoffp
Had both. Prefer the Fast Eddie XL. Less expensive and a bit simpler design. Bought one for primary bow and a second for backup bow. Unless a target shooter, IMO, Fast Eddie is more fitting for hunting.

I also have both and each are set up with the double pin. Micro adjust and the dial indicator on the side of the HF are the biggest differences as far as shooting goes but neither come into play for hunting. HF does appear to be heavier made but I have no concerns with my Fast Eddie XL, it's plenty durable. The Fast Eddie is also quieter to adjust. Doesn't "click" when you release the housing. I would not hesitate to buy either again. I have .10 pins on both and no issues with brightness.

I have used the Fast Eddie XL going on 3 years now and have zero complaints.

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