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Crazy NT Killed in MO last week?
Whitetail Deer
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Just received a texted picture from a friend. It's supposedly from a friend of a friend of his. It's a pretty sizable deer and was supposedly taken on video last week in MO.

Anyone know anything about it?

I've never seen it. I mean I can't see it. What I really mean is... where's the damn picture?!

From: trkyslr
Ya I heard from a friend about it who got a text from his uncle who got a pic from his mother... heard it was a dink. Maybe a picture would help narrow it down if it’s the same buck. ;-)

From: Duke
Ground shrinkage for sure!

From: deaver25btb
No way that’s a crazy NT. A dilusional NT; maybe. Might just be high in life?

From: JohnB
Came here from Arkansas.

From: Bou'bound
It's legit from what my mailman's wife's manicurist told the usher at church.

It was posted at 4:20 :)

From: elkstabber

elkstabber's embedded Photo
elkstabber's embedded Photo
Just saw this on Facebook. Is this what the OP was talking about?


orionsbrother's embedded Photo
orionsbrother's embedded Photo
Sorry guys. Work. Kids. Halloween. Computer down all morning at work. Hardware replaced, re-integrated while the perpetual tide moves through. Had to keep bailing furiously with my tea-cup.

From: kota-man
wow...what a giant.

From: Destroyer350
Anyone know what county?

Looks like he's still breathing. His eyes are even open. Must be a pet.

From: TrapperKayak
Emerald Co. Oz

From: Franklin
Looks like a preserve can see the tines of a another nice deer in the lower part of the pic.

From: Shiras
I think it was another deer taking the picture and you are just seeing his tines. :)

From: KSLand
Worked for that family for a couple years on a ranch in Kansas. They own property all over and do everything by the books. I can tell you 100% it is free range and they kill great deer every year throughout the Midwest.

From: JusPassin
"They own property all over and do everything by the books. I can tell you 100% it is free range and they kill great deer every year throughout the Midwest."

Always nice to see how money talks.

From: Jaquomo
Ears are drooping in that second photo. Has to be fake!

From: tobinsghost
Was it gut shot?!?

HA, sorry!

KSLand - Pass along congratulations to the hunter. Heck of a buck!

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