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Bow Case for Travel - Legend Archery
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Native Okie 01-Nov-17
Prime1 03-Nov-17
Buffalo1 04-Nov-17
DG2 04-Nov-17
sticksender 04-Nov-17
DG2 05-Nov-17
From: Native Okie
Anyone used one of these Legend Archery Trollies? Seem to have great reviews and resemble a Terra Glide which I like. Good compromise for gear and bow for air travel.

From: Prime1
I bought one this year. Great case lots of storage. Don't waste your money on the airline cover. Pain in the butt when you're bag gets searched. Also TSA did a random inspection on my gear and tore the cover all to hell.

From: Buffalo1
SKB, Pole Mountain or Tuff Pak would be the three major brand bow cases I would recommend. I have personal experience with the SKB and Pole Mountain. I know that Tuff Pak has a tremendous reputation of quality.

From: DG2
I have Legend Archery 40 roller with airline cover, it seems to be a good case. So far I have used it once to fly Helsinki-Sao Paolo-Montevideo and back. Airline cover is great at least if you are travelling outside of TSA/USA.

I also have Terraglide but it is too short for 33+" bows.

From: sticksender
Nice feature of Terra Glide is that even though it is significantly over the 62” l+w+h size limit, they rarely get recognized as such in airports. They almost always slip through as standard luggage. Maybe due to the tapered shape at top? I’m guessing that these Legend ones might be more likely to get pegged as oversized due to the bigger size and boxy shape. True the Terra Glide limits you to a bow that is 34” or less in total length. But I won’t buy a longer bow for just that reason.

From: DG2
Yes it is true that nobody asks what is inside Terraglide, but with anything bigger than that almost always. Nobody has ever asked any oversize fees even with Legend size roller bag, they seem to be concerned about weight than size.

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