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Two elk tags in my son's pocket - CO
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wyonative1972 02-Nov-17

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My son has been busy with lacrosse this year and he has two cow elk tags that he hopes to fill in the late season. Youth get to hunt an extended season in Colorado which will turn both of these hunts into a migratory area hunt weather permitting. I've already checked out the filters on CPW map, but I'm looking for someone that has some knowledge with boots on the ground. These will likely be weekend hunts so not a lot of time to get it done. Does anyone have experience in 61 late season? I've hunted the plateau during archery in 62, but the snow will drive the elk off the top down lower. Is the northern side or southern side better as far as opportunity? The season for 61 is Dec 2-10. He also has a tag for unit 21 (b tag) that allows him to hunt 22 throughout all of December and 30,31 from Dec 15-Jan 15. I have zero experience in this area. Any help would be much appreciated gentlemen. I have attached a photo from Luke's bull last year in an effort to guilt someone into helping!

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