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What's Your Recipe?
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Buffalo1 04-Nov-17
Swampbuck 04-Nov-17
StickFlicker 04-Nov-17
greg simon 04-Nov-17
Pigsticker 04-Nov-17
TX Cazador 04-Nov-17
Buffalo1 05-Nov-17
Halibutman 05-Nov-17
milnrick 05-Nov-17
From: Buffalo1
What's in your recipe for a good, proven hog attractant?

From: Swampbuck
Used motor oil, on a creosote railroad tie

From: StickFlicker
I would think that would be illegal, as it is an environmental hazard.

From: greg simon

From: Pigsticker
Corn and molasses is what a friend of mine uses and kills a bunches.

I do not bait for pigs.

Hard to top corn

From: TX Cazador
Instant Kool Aid the one with the sweetner in it. We usually dig a small hole and then mix it with the dirt you dug out and fill the hole back in. When they find it they keep rooting to find what smell so good and taste even better. They will spread the Kool Aid when they dig it up and attract others. It will last until it rains. It's light to pack around and cheep.

From: Buffalo1
Guess I am looking for some corn recipes. I've also heard of putting diesel fuel on the corn to make it sour.

Your thoughts/ opinions please.

From: Halibutman
Put out plain corn. It works the best. The only reason people do all that crazy stuff is to keep deer and other animals away from the bait.

From: milnrick
Corn, corn and more corn. That's all you need.

I make a living trapping and running hog hunts, have for years. If there were something better i would use it, period.

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