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Bear archery
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cpeterson 04-Nov-17
Charlie Rehor 05-Nov-17
wildan 05-Nov-17
wyliecoyote 05-Nov-17
From: cpeterson
Looking at get to g a new bow. Saw the new bear approach and the bear arena 34 are in same price range around 500 which is my top end of budget. Already have all accessories to put on bow. Which would you guys pick or any other options in similar features

Go with your local pro shops product. Good luck!

From: wildan
I ordered a Bear Method(black & 50#) a couple years ago;set-up with a HHA sight and Quad drop away rest.More than happy with this bow;owned serveral Hoyts before.Like Hoyt but no dealer close. I had a friend that wanted to try archery(55 years old and a lefty);he purchased the same bow and before the winter was over was shooting 300 rounds(perfect) indoors with a whisker biscuit rest!Just a natural bow shot and a great bow.

From: wyliecoyote
I shoot the Bear everything about it !! Also have about 5 bowhunting buddies who shoot them and they all are combo of speed and smoothness out there, IMHO.... Joe

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