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Broadheads and lightweight bows
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From: Titan_Bow

Titan_Bow's embedded Photo
Titan_Bow's embedded Photo
Just throwing this out there for anyone with a kid or beginner hunter whose using a really lightweight bow. My little boy just turned 12 this year, and we have been practicing all summer on his shooting, and his overall setup. We started in April on his birthday, and initially, he was only pulling 25 pounds. Once he started getting his form down properly, and put a bunch of arrows down range, I slowly began cranking up the poundage a bit. By Sept. He was a little over 35lbs. at his draw length. We are shooting Black Eagle Carnivore Lightweights with 100 grain point. Total weight was approx. 335 grains. I had been contemplating broadhead selection all summer, do I go with a more "standard-for-compound" type multi blade replaceable or go a different route? I ended up going with the Muzzy Phantom. I got the 125 4 blades, and removed the bleeders, which leaves 105gr. 2-blade head. Out of his bow, shooting 10-20 yards, they flew great, and grouped right with his field points. This weekend, it all came together, and he was able to make a perfect 10 yard shot on a nice little buck. The arrow sank to the fletching, and as the buck ran off, I could see the broadhead and remainder of the shaft poking out his off-side. Complete penetration with 35lbs. and 335gr. arrows! I was really impressed with his setup and thought I would pass it along to any parent who is going to be working through a setup with their kids, or anyone just starting out with lightweight draw weights. IMO, definitely stick to a 2-blade, cut-on-contact head!

From: rattles33
Glad the setup worked for him--what a great pic of an excited kid!

You certainly made the right choice. By going with a fixed blade and keeping the blade count down you will get the best results. Anybody interested should look at the Ashby study and they will see some results that bear out you conclusions.

Good job with you son, I wish you many happy years of hunting together.


From: GF
That head is just about perfect for that set-up.

Sounds like you did absolutely everything right to set him up for success - especially getting him to 10 yards. If THAT doesn’t get him good and hooked, I don’t know what will!

From: smarba

From: Bowfreak
Awesome! Love to see kids get it done and congrats on setting your some up to succeed.

From: drycreek
Nothing succeeds like success ! Congrats to both of you !

From: Beendare
Congrats to your son...

It kinda makes you wonder though, eh? When all of the TV guys shooting mech heads have deer running off with the arrow hanging out.....

From: Buffalo1
Congrats on a great trophy. You are a good teacher and have a great student. Way to go!'

From: Pigsticker
Congratulates, thanks for the update. I will be doing something similar with my wife’s setup. I will go with a 2 blade magnus but it’s still reassuring to see reports like yours with light setups.

From: x-man
I agree, my kids had similar results using Magnus Stingers. They were lucky enough to have complete penetration, finding the arrow on the ground on the other side of the deer. The key is the good tune, broadheads hitting with field points assures they will get the most energy retention possible. I ended up using .400 spine shafts left a few inches longer than their draw length. This kept the weight up and added a little forgiveness

From: midwest
No bigger trophy than that smile right there! Congrats to dad and son.

Like x-man said, that 2 blade Stinger would have been a good choice, too.

From: tradmt
Just think how much more dead deer get from a Rage in the cage! :)

Congrats! He's going to have a lot more of those.

From: Wood
Looks like a happy camper.

From: JohnB
Great job coach and congrats to your grasshopper!

From: TGbow
Way to go!

From: Nick Muche
Nice work! That's great! Wish I would have had similar luck when I was 12, but I lost the first 7 bucks (I know, terrible, almost wanted to quit bowhunting before I even got started) I shot. May have been the broadheads, may have been the buck fever, but either way it's great to see your son smiling with a buck after a successful bowhunt! Good on you both.

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