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Whitetail Deer
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From: Bowriter
Have to share this cause it is a great success story. I shall not use name but the three emails, I have on file. You veterans might want to remember this.

Last Nov. 2, 2016- I got an email form a bowhunter in VA. He said he had shot 16, deer and only recovered four of them. He wanted my advice. Truth is, my first impulse was to wear him out and tell him to get the H out of the woods till he learned to shoot. Then I thought about it.

I emailed him back, Nov. 3, 2016- I explained about shot placement, not just hitting the deer but picking the correct spot to shoot. I went into blood trailing and recovery, the steps and mechanics of finding wounded deer. The importance of understanding how the use terrain and when to push one and when to back off. I suggested a single pin sight to avoid "pin confusion" and various things but above all, I stressed shot placement.

Last night, Nov. 6, 2017, I received the following.

Hi John,

Hi had sent you an email last year in November (see below) subject "lost deer" expressing my discouragement with bow hunting and losing deer. You gave me advice about improving shot placement, blooding trailing and equipment. I wanted to send you a success story resulting from not giving up, getting better at shot placement, blooding trailing and equipment, and of course taking some good advice. This season, urban archery in James City County VA, from September 23rd to Oct 31st, I tagged out. I shot and recovered 6 deer. I used a spitfire mechanical for all my shots and upgraded to an HAHA single pin sight and a QAD drop away arrow rest both which have helped to improve my accuracy. I also improved my blood trailing by borrowing my brothers dog for 2 of the 6 deer. One, it rained all night and I virtually had no blood, found it 1st thing in the morning with the dog. The second was a liver shot which I backed out on, then went back a few hours later with the dog and found him. Thank you again for responding to my email. I just wanted to let you know your knowledge definitely helped me.

Thank you.

He also enclosed pictures. I am extremely glad I did not follow my first impulse.

Ya did the best option at the time for sure

Nothing wrong with taking the High Road when asked for help.

Good luck, Robb

From: Nick Muche
Ground breaking! Thanks John!

From: Zim
Fantastic! Undeniable proof that we can help folks if we choose too, using social media and our broader influence to have a positive impact. Too many internet hard @sses out there and I've found myself being guilty of it too. If we keep it positive/helpful it can yield great results.

From: smarba
Whoa, great outcome! Thx for sharing.

From: Buffalo1
Sincere request for help.

Sincere response to plea.

Success !!

From: mountainman
That's a great story. Well done.

From: Owl
Best outcome for you and him.

I live 1 county over from James City. I grew up there and my business is still located there. If he needs any other assistance, feel free to pass along my offer to help. I'll PM you the particulars.

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