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Spot Blown ??
Whitetail Deer
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live2hunt88 07-Nov-17
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kellyharris 07-Nov-17
live2hunt88 07-Nov-17
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Franklin 07-Nov-17
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Genesis 07-Nov-17
From: live2hunt88
I'm in East central Illinois.

Have a NE wind, perfect for this set.

Got to the stand at 530. Rattled at 615, nice 8 came in but not what I'm after. About 15min later another deer about 60 yards or so north of me starts blowing, flags and takes off.

1. I'm about as scent free as I can be I feel like.

2. It's 60 yards north of me with a 10mph NE wind, did it smell me still ?!

3. Did I already blow my spot this early into my hunt ?!

I'm up here 5-15. Just looking for some thoughts and opinions

From: Brotsky
Go hunting, stressing about stuff like this would ruin all the fun for me. Your spot is fine. Deer blow for all kinds of reasons, either way you will never know. Don’t stress about it. If you don’t see what you’re looking for then retool. Good luck on your hunt and have fun!

From: live2hunt88
Thanks Brotsky. I know what I'm lookin for, we've got cameras on the farm showing 6 real nice shooters all moving in daylight. Just wasn't sure if I needed to back out of here for a day or two

From: Vids
Not blown, I'd go back and hunt again. I've walked across a field and blown out 10 deer and then had more come through right after I got in my stand.

From: Lee
Deer blow all the time - often for little reason - I often see other deer not even bother with I pick their heads up - don't sweat it

From: T Mac
No the spots not blown they are blowing at something else maybe another hunter upwind of them? Just kidding just hunt!

From: kellyharris
In the rut when a deer blows I nail my grunt tube hard.

I’ve called many bucks in when they blow

From: live2hunt88
Thanks guys. Kelly I'll try and remember that next time. Just wasn't sure if I needed to back out and hit another stand for a day or two. I've rattled bucks in each of the last 3 mornings here

From: Rth1229
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had them blow and take off and then half hour later they’re walking right under my stand. Hang tough, aim small miss small.

From: Z Barebow
Does a deer blowing at a coyote sound different then one that blows when smelling a human? Of course not. Where I hunt, if deer avoided areas with coyotes they would have to live in trees. Did every deer within 1 mile smell you? Of course not. Keep hunting and arrow one!

From: Kodiak
Not blown. I remember way back in 1991 I was after a great 10, 150ish buck. I found him the day after Halloween and for the next week I blew at least a half dozen chances on him. Wind, wise does, and other circumstances kept killing me...and keeping that deer alive. I never even got a shot and actually saw him bow killed by another hunter that put his stand up 30 yards from mine. He didn't know I was there that night so it was all good. I helped gut him and hauled it for the guy in my truck.

Point is, this time of year you can get by with a lot of missteps and still get an opportunity.

Your ground scent coming and going, as well as that on your stand willdo more to blow it than getting snorted at 60 Yards... Plus this time of the, they are moving, and can shpw u[ anywhere at any time... Go Hunt

From: Bou'bound
You can bet 100 times more smell you and don’t blow. Go hunt and get lucky.

From: Franklin
I hear a lot of blowing at this time of the year...many different reasons other than busting you...and it`s on property that doesn`t have other hunters about. Does are pretty stressed and tired. I do agree with the blowing can pull in a buck....basically telling cruising bucks..."I`m over here".

From: Bowriter
Okay- here is the plain truth. Not one of us knows because we don't know what the deer was blowing about. I almost totally ignore blowing.

From: Genesis
In the rut they are always blowing......yotes,fawn bucks,small bucks,big bucks......does are PO ed at the world this time of year.......

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