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keeping hands warm recommendations
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Dakota 08-Nov-17
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From: Dakota
I'm looking for opinions on what is the best pair of gloves you folks have found. This is not necessarily for hunting but for a rancher that has trouble keeping his hands warm. What says you?

From: Lark Bunting

Lark Bunting's embedded Photo
Lark Bunting's embedded Photo
I have something like this for fly fishing in the winter. I can get them soaked, shake them out and they will continue to keep my hands hot. Problem is they are bulky.

From: jax2009r
Rag wool and some hot hands

From: ohiohunter
x2 Jax.

From: midwest
Glomitts for me.

From: Lost Arra
If you need some dexterity then Glomitts with pocket for chemical handwarmer is the best way for me.

If dexterity is not important (driving a tractor or ATV) then High Plains Sheepskins Timberline Mittens are my answer.

Past that, a separate hand muffler is the last resort.

From: Bowriter
No good for working, but for sitting on a stand, get a cheap belt-type muff and put a disposable hand warmer in it. I love mine and i think it was about $15. On year #4.

From: GF
They’re beastly expensive if you pay full-boat, but I picked up (on clearance at Sierra Trading Post) a pair of Filson wool-lined goatskin work gloves that have kept my hands warm even when they were soaked clean through. I have no idea how much snow I’ve shoveled with them on, but I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth.

So those are what I use when I’m good and active; lower activity, I threw in the towel 20 years ago and started keeping a heat pack on the back of each hand in between the shell and liner of my ski gloves (teaching gets COLD!).

Now there are gloves, mitts and glo-mitts designed for that purpose. Best ski gloves I’ve ever owned are SmartWools.

Noticing a trend towards wool?

From: moosenelson
I get cold hands easily. Bad circulation... Anyway, i keep a second pair of gloves inside my jacket and switch as needed. Wish i could find a pair that was just plain warm and had some dexterity.

From: St52v
I just bought 3 pairs of chopper mittens and 4 sets of rag wool liners for just under $100 from midwest Gloves. I got the black gloves. They usually make u order 6 pairs but not the made in the USA line. Randy Newberg swears by this style. I will know how they work after my 4th season colorado hunt.

From: Bill Obeid
No matter what hand covers you use, they work better if you use a muff. Or , a built in muff pocket like the one in the Sitka Fanatic.

From: Glunt@work
Swany gloves. I use them snowmobiling and often end up loaning them out to someone in the group with frozen hands before the day is out. The x-cell II is amazing.

From: mfg bowyer
Stay away from finger gloves & the warmest is mittens with wool liners & if need be hyand warmers in side them.

From: Franklin
On stand the muff is the best....I have a old one that is flat which is nice. It has the original Trebark camo....that tells you how old it is.

From: Bowriter
Years ago, I was sent a pair of battery heated, finger gloves. Tried them one year in SK. Useless. But really warm, even without the battery thingie. But almost no dexterity. I also have a pair of, I think sealskin mittens, lined with some sort of fur. Bought them on a rez. in Canada. Extremely warm, but you sure couldn't pick your nose with them on. Down here, most of the time, I hunt in a pair of batters gloves. When it gets cold, I use the muff-also handy as an easy access pocket for camera.

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