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Jack Hume's future
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I heard from Richard Hume about his plans for the future. After Quebec shut down caribou hunting for the foreseeable future I was concerned about what was going to happen to his fine outfitter.

Richard said that they have purchased Wedge Hills Lodge, (which is a salmon fishing camp located 180 miles north of Schefferville) on the George River. Here they will be guiding salmon fisher(people) and keeping up with their stellar reputation.

I hope any of you who are interested in fishing for Atlantic Salmon will give them a call. I'm not much for fishing, but I just might talk myself into it.


From: tradmt
Hopefully Quebec comes to their senses on the caribou in the future.

Good to hear they will stay in business.

From: njbuck
I have never hunted with Jack but I know several people who have and all had nothing but good things to say about him and his outfit. I pray that they open that season up again sometime soon and once they do I will be immediately booking a hunt with him.

From: Bou'bound
He’s the best Amanda too

From: DartonJager
Enlighten me, why did Quebec stop caribou hunting?

From: Trial153
Good people. No doubt they well land on their feet.

The claim was that the herd was being depleted by climate change. No mention of wolves or the fact that their population is cyclical.


From: tradmt
It's climate change alright, .......of the political kind!

From: Grousenut

Grousenut's embedded Photo
Grousenut's embedded Photo
So sad, I hunted with them last year. Best outfitted hunt I’ve ever had.

From: dhaverstick
I went on my first, and probably last, caribou hunt with Richard and Amanda this year. They run a first-class operation and are fine folks. I'm glad to hear that they will survive Quebec's decision to take away their livelihood. Darren

From: Family Man
Fine folks! They'll be back... somewhere someday. They're just too damn good at what they do and they've survived incredible hardships through the twists and turns of the Quebec caribou outfitting business.

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