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WhitetailStalker - Nov-10 Mobile live hunt from Ma
Whitetail Deer
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WhitetailStalker 10-Nov-17
arch2112 10-Nov-17
T Mac 10-Nov-17
Dthfrmabove 10-Nov-17
WhitetailStalker 10-Nov-17
Bowhunt3138 10-Nov-17
Ole Coyote 10-Nov-17
mrw 10-Nov-17
bowandspear 10-Nov-17
captain 10-Nov-17
Will 10-Nov-17
Paul 10-Nov-17
5:37 AM LIVE from Ma*
In the stand nice and early under a very bright half moon. Warmer and wetter than expected. Sitting in a stand where I've seen the same small buck everytime I've sat. Two does frequent the area. Here's to hoping they drag in a good buck

From: arch2112
Good luck.

From: T Mac
Good luck got in stand 15 min ago still warm but supposed to drop throughout the day....the wind is hawkin

From: Dthfrmabove
Good luck and shoot straight

Temps are droppin and trees are rockin

From: Bowhunt3138
Good luck !!

From: Ole Coyote
I am on the ground set up on a ridge of granite got some young pines infront of me giving excellent cover but easy to make a shot around or over. Got lots of white oak acorns plenty of sign a couple of scrapes and a ton of droppings. Good luck to all and also to me!!lol.

From: mrw
Good luck to you fortunate enough to be out this morning. Could be an epic couple of days!

From: bowandspear
Good luck !

From: captain
good luck be safe

From: Will
GL man!

From: Paul
Good luck guys

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