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WhitetailStalker - Nov-11 Mobile live hunt from Ma
Whitetail Deer
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WhitetailStalker 11-Nov-17
1:16 PM LIVE from Ma*
Ok don't tear me to pieces for this but, I'm actually hunting in ct this afternoon even though I'm posting it here. The only reason I'm doing that is because I've been hunting my new piece in mass all year and the mass threads are the only place I've posted. I have been a lifelong ct hunter up until this year. But today I'm on a new piece in ct that I picked up a couple months ago and have only sat twice. I figured since it's Veterans Day, I'm allowed to take a little extra liberties.

Anyway, 20 ft up hoping to see some action. Had two deer run right by my truck as I was getting ready. 20 min earlier and in my other stand and I would have had a chip shot. Hopefully some will come over here

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