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First with a bow
Small Game
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jstephens61 11-Nov-17
Duke 11-Nov-17
drycreek 11-Nov-17
The last savage 11-Nov-17
TGbow 12-Nov-17
venison 12-Nov-17
From: jstephens61

jstephens61's embedded Photo
jstephens61's embedded Photo
This guy came in last night at 20 yards, you can see it was a mistake.

Good job.

From: Duke
+1 to you. Nice job

From: drycreek
Only a few thousand more.........

Great shot bud..congrats,,,I'm leaving central Illinois in am,I was hunting a creek bottom,the creek was mostly dry the yotes used it like a was amazing..tried my asss off to kill em,they never stop moving,reminds me of turkey movement..

From: TGbow
Good job. We got too many here in Bama.

From: venison
A dead yote is a good yote , real nice to get one with bow !

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