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Bad time to be sick
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BOHUNTER09 11-Nov-17
Paul 11-Nov-17
dg72a 12-Nov-17
SBH 12-Nov-17
Bowboy 12-Nov-17
wild1 12-Nov-17
jkirkus 12-Nov-17
orionsbrother 12-Nov-17
Witchdoctor 12-Nov-17
BOHUNTER09 12-Nov-17
Bou'bound 12-Nov-17
BOX CALL 12-Nov-17
BOHUNTER09 12-Nov-17
scentman 15-Nov-17
So Wednesday I sat out in a cold wind. I had a cold since last weekend. Had chills Thursday night and didn't hunt Friday am . Felt a little better so I hunted Friday pm. Last night I had bad chills. Temperature this am was 104. Flu I think. So I am missing my favorite dates to hunt. Today I feel like crap all day Hope I feel better tomorrow.

From: Paul
When I? was a kid and duck from school I? went to grammas house because mom and dad both worked . She would make a drink of lemon hot tea and whiskey make me drink as fast as I? could then cover me with blankets sweat like pig but it worked

From: dg72a
I hear ya... I missed all of October due to illness. My holidays are just about over so seeing as it is the two week shotgun season here in southern Ontario, I dug out the slug gun to try to get er done before returning to work next Wednesday.

From: SBH
That's the worst!! Rest up and get better soon. Still good days to be on stand.

From: Bowboy
Rest up and eat some homemade chicken soup.

From: wild1
I feel your pain, I just bailed on a turkey hunt that I was really looking forward to, the culprit: a painful, chronic cough (bronchitis)! Totally sucks, can't hunt, or even sleep when you're coughing all day and night.

From: jkirkus
Get Tamiflu! If you get it withing 48h it will shorten the duration. I always prescribe cough syrup along with Tamiflu. If you take care of yourself, 72-96h should have you out there, but if it worsens, go get a chest xray. Number one complication of flu is pneumonia, but that's typically those under 5 or over 65.

Best of luck.


Had a bad round with the flu a week and a half ago. It seems to be going around. Temps between 103.6 and 104.4

You might be out of commission for more than a couple of days. I gotta say it sucked. Stay in bed. Hope you shake it quickly.

From: Witchdoctor
Make sure to get your flu shot! Just having influenza doesn’t protect you from other strains.

Doing much better today. Fever is gone. Still have a cough. May try to get out this afternoon.

From: Bou'bound
Hope you recover quickly

Getting my flu shot Monday.medicare covers it,plus I got COPD anyway.not taking any chances.

Get better soon!

Had a little relapse. Maybe tomorrow will be better

From: scentman
don't rush it bud, your health way more important... your family needs and wants you healthy!

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