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SBH 12-Nov-17
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LKH 12-Nov-17
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LKH 12-Nov-17
From: SBH
Hey guys, I always have cold feet. It's the one thing that pulls me from the stand. I've tried the heated insoles, and temporary heat pads but then my feet get too hot, sweat and I'm ruined by noon. Been trying to sit all day during the rut and haven't found the solution for when it's really cold. This past weekend I borrowed a pair of boots from a buddy. The Cabelas Alaskans. It was not super cold so it wasn't the best test but man my feet were more comfortable then they have ever been and I'm thinking these may be the ticket. Any of you guys own them? Would love to not have to mess with rechargeable insoles and shoving heaters in my boots cause they don't last all day. These boots seem awesome but I haven't tried them in negative temps yet. Those that have em, what do you think?

From: rooster
I like my ice breaker boot blankets when it gets cold. $50 ish they weigh nothing and just put them on over your current boots with good socks. They are available at with free shipping.

From: Grunter
Yep what rooster said. Put them on as soon as your in your stand. Feet will be toasty all day. I wear my 400 gram rubber boots in temps down to 0 and with those boot blankets my feet are good. The key is to get em on right away, not when feet get cold

From: LKH
Just returned from a rifle hunt with brothers Just south of the Canadian border by Littlefork, MN. 5 hour stints with am temps of 5 and 7 degrees, winds in my face of 15 mph. Heavy and med long johns, wool stag pants plus wool bibs, wool shirt, heavy vest, jacket that my wife added 300 weight polar fleece to shoulders and upper arms. 7 ft long homemade wind bloc bag. Insulated seat.

With all this I had the white military bunny boots with toe warmers plus hand warmers and boot blankets on also.

Even with all this I got cold, but my feet didn't. When I went without the toe warmers I could tell my feet were getting cold. Not bad, but the toe warmers sure do help.

Beware of any Cabela's boots that that have the low toes. They don't have enough insulation and I sent some back. Your toe area should be bulgy.

From: Inshart
LKH, Can you share a pic of the 7' wind bloc bag your wife made.

I REALLY want a Heater Body Suite, but am to cheap to pay $300. + for one.

Thanks. Bob

From: PAOH
I have always had cold feet problems until last season. I now first spray my feeder with sure unscented aerosol antiperspirant, I wear uninsulated boots. When I get to stand I put a body warmer on the outside of boot on top of toes with a rubber band. Lastly put Artic Shield boot blankets on over boots. This past Saturday was 8 degrees & my toes were very comfortable.

From: Franklin
SBH....yes those are very warm boots. They are very thick in the sole to keep ground cold from creeping up. They also has the toe warmer pocket on the bottom of the liner if need be. I don`t know if you hunt in a portable tree stand or shooting house or ground blind but if you get a layer of something under you feet between you boot and the ground/platform it makes a world of difference. Baffin and Lacrosse Ice Kings are also very warm.

From: LKH
Bob, we got the material, about 6 yards, for $4 per yard, but that's a long time ago and we haven't had much luck finding more. Not much insulation, but stopping the wind is what I need since I'm so exposed, facing north and zero trees in front as I look over a swamp grass opening.

Some days I say more wolf tracks than deer tracks.

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