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WhitetailStalker - Nov-13 Mobile live hunt from Ma
Whitetail Deer
Contributors to this thread:
WhitetailStalker 13-Nov-17
bowandspear 13-Nov-17
Dthfrmabove 13-Nov-17
Will 13-Nov-17
spike78 13-Nov-17
WhitetailStalker 13-Nov-17
drslyr 13-Nov-17
6:36 AM LIVE from Ma*
In the tree late because I had a small buck come in as I was setting up that didn't want to leave. Hopefully that's more if a good omen than bad. Had another small buck running next to my truck on the way here. Time for a big buck to come by?

From: bowandspear
Yessa, good luck!

From: Dthfrmabove
Could be the day. Good luck

From: Will
Good luck Whitetailstalker! Fun morning for you thus far at least.

From: spike78
Good luck any update? Seems like slow morning today?

Sat until 11, saw nothing. Cameras show a little chasing but have been kind of quiet as of late

From: drslyr
its the nov rut lull.

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