Ripcord Arrow Rests
Quad v. ripcord
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From: Mad Trapper
I have shot both of these rests in the past. There are features that I like about both of them and there are features that I don't like about both of them. I installed a Hamskea rest this past year and frankly I have never shot better (notwithstanding the outcome of my Kansas hunt!). However, I took the hamskea on a horseback hunt for moose and was a nervous wreck over the dropaway cable extending down to the lower limb. I kept the quiver on the bow and that helped to shield it, but I kept believing that I was one errant stick away from disaster. By the way, I used a steel cable (not D-loop) for the dropaway cable. Also, after TSA "repacked" my bow case, I discovered that the cage on the hamskea rest was broken when I opened the case. Although the hamskea looks bullet proof, it is not TSA proof. So I am contemplating going back to a dropaway that employs a short length of cable attached to the bow cable. Let's hear the good and bad on these rests. Thanks

From: HerdManager
Had nothing but problems with QAD (and crappy customer service), nothing but a lack of problems with my Ripcord.

Love my Ripcord!!

From: Jethro
I don't think you have to worry about the limb driven cable as much as you do. I thought that initially when I put on a Trophy Taker. But years later of hunting PA and a yearly trip out west for elk, I have never had an issue and I don't give it any thought while I'm hunting. I carry spare dloop material in my pack, just in case and in camp I have a whole spare rest. But have never needed them.

From: Jaquomo
I hunt hard on the ground in nasty country in all sorts of weather, and am hard on my equipment in general. I've never had any issues with either the Ripcord or the QAD.

From: Mark Watkins
Tom, I've never had a QAD, but The Ripcord! Accurate, simple, dependable, cable (not limb) driven in ALL kinds of weather and nasty terrain!

After Trophy Taker sold (and I felt their CS and product quality declined), I put the Ace on all three bows...never had a problem...bulletproof IMHO


From: Big John
Ripcord ACE

From: 0hndycp
I’ve shot a ripcord for 5+ years now in weather from sub zero snow storms, pouring down rain, and blazing heat. I wouldn’t say I’m easy on my gear and typically spend 30+ days in the field hunting every year. I’m sure I’ll have to replace my bow before I ever need to replace my ripcord!

From: Buffalo1
I have shot QAD's for several, several years. I have no idea how many times they have dropped when launching an arrow. Never had any problems.

The bow shop where I trade and get my normal maintenance done does a great job of installing the rests on my bows.

I've never had nor shot a Ripcord but I have heard positive comments about that brand rest.

As I see it, the principle is the same for both rests; basically a "Ford vs Chevy" argument.

From: Pat Lefemine
Just got a bow from Mathews including their drop away rest. After an hour of shooting I experienced intermittent erratic flight. The QAD rest was not dropping on every shot. Couldn’t take it off fast enough. Put on a spare Ripcord and shot fantastic (also until Kansas). I’m a big fan. Plus, Keith and the entire crew are top notch.

From: Bowfreak
How quiet are the Riocords on the draw?

From: carcus
I like my qad hdx's, never had a problem, have had issues with limb driven rests though

From: Ermine
I would go Hamskea Best rest I’ve found

From: Lone Wolf
I have used both the ripcord and quad. The only issue I had was in PA bear hunting one year. I was in freezing rain all day and my ripcord froze up and would not drop. Other than that one incident both have worked well for me.

From: Hunting5555
I've shot both an older QAD and now have the Ripcord ACE. No problems with either rest. I do like the Ripcord ACE better at this point, mainly because of the adjustment features and the narrow fingers. But I believe the new QAD rest has the same type features.

Bowfreak, the ACE rest comes with some material in the bottom of the fingers. I shoot FMJ's and it is quiet. No issues with noise.

From: Mad Trapper
Thanks guys. Still not sure what I am going to do. I have a date with a big white bear that lives in a cold place, so incidents of malfunctioning due to freezing are of interest.

From: x-man
If going to the frozen North, keep it as simple as can be. Most limb-driven rests can be shot as a fixed spring launcher rest if the rest cord fails. Cable driven rests do not offer the same hunt protection.

Something to think about. Besides, your bow string is more fragile than your rest cord.

From: otcWill
I just dragged my Hamskea through some of the nastiest brush I've ever seen, strapped to my pack for 8 days on Kodiak. The cord won't break period. Also, as x man said, it can be configured any way you want. Not sure how TSA broke it but I bet it was no accident. IMO you're taking a downgrade with anything else

From: Flynarrow

From: Bou'bound
I have used the QAD twice where the polar bear live while hunting muskox and no issues. no issues anywhere with them and I have multiples. No reason for me to change that is for sure. I don't think you can go wrong either way,

From: MQ32MAN
Nothing but good things to say about my QAD HDX rests. I haven’t tried a ripcord so I can’t help there.

QAD HD has worked well for me.

Never shot a QAD. I used to shoot a biscuit but when I upgraded this bow had a ripcord on it already. It's a nice rest. Fingers are real narrow, silent, never failed on me yet when I release. The problem I have with the Ripcord, atleast the particular model and I have no idea what model or how old it is, is that if I need to let down for any reason the ripcord goes down as well. The QAD that's on my wife's bow does not fall when you let down. First year I had it I had to let down on a deer and started bringing my bow down and the arrow fell off and out of the tree clanging off the ladder. Never let down when I was target shooting and didn't know that would happen.

From: carcus
Bring a WB as a backup to the Qad, as far as bh's go i would use a smaller cut mech

From: loopmtz
Used a QAD for years and loved it, never had a problem with it. This year I put a Hamskea on my Defiant and love it as well.

From: Bliz6
I have been in some pretty extreme conditions and never had an issue with QAD hdx's. Have not shot the ripcord so I can't help there.

From: kota-man
Same here as Bliz6...I've had SEVERAL QAD HDX's with no issues what-so-ever. My proshop thought one of mine was "sticky" once, but they replaced it for free. I may try a Ripcord on the new RX1 just to see what it is all about.

Tom...For your date with the white bear, I'd pick whichever you are comfortable with (Including the Hamskea) and throw a WB in as a backup. The WB is pretty fail safe and can be set up in minutes.

The QAD is a FAAAAR better product in every single aspect. I work on bows as one of my jobs, and I can honestly say you couldn't pay me enough to put a Rip Cord on one of mine.

From: Russell
Why not use a biscuit rest? You'll be hunting in an extreme environment, keep equipment as simple as possible.

QAD HDX rests for me on both Bowtech bows.

Switched to a Hamskea a couple years ago. Had problems with the rest freezing during a blizzard in the Yukon a couple years ago. Rest is heavy too. Also had problems with felt wearing that lead to noise during draw.

Sold the rest and went back to QAD.

I do all my own bow work. Had problems with arrow contact (rest arm not falling fast enough). Called QAD tech support. They ID'd the cord was not low enough (should be 4.5-5" below rest per QAD). Their written instructions state 3", and are for slower bows.

Broke a QAD rest once. Called company and they replaced for free via a local authorized dealer.

QAD's warranty, tech support, etc are second to none.

From: carcus

I haven’t had a ripcord for years now but one issue I had was that if you nocked an arrow on a stalk and drew back but maybe the shot didn’t materialize and you let down, the Ripcord would fall with your let down. With a QAD it stays up unless you shoot.

From: JW
I'd stay with the Hamskea. Far superior to the other ones you're considering.

From: dg72a
I have used QADs, but just ordered a Ripcord Ace to try. Hopefully you guys are right. lol

Ive had a Ripcord Ace on my Nitrum since 2015 and havent had any issues what so ever. Its been a great rest for me.

From: Dooner
This question comes up every year. There's not much difference between them.

If you want to look at a better rest, it's not rocket science. Just check out any limb driven rest, like a Hamskea, or a vapor trail limbdriver pro-V, or even just the old limbdriver.

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