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(video of the hunt at the "link"). Mark is a young man who in the summer of 2016 was cutting firewood and a tree feel on him. 5 cracked vertebra and 6 fractured ribs. Two vertebra removed and lots of rods placed in his back. Docs stated he would probably never walk. 4 1/2 weeks later he was released from the hospital in a wheelchair. After months of rehab. Mark was walking and now works 60 hours a week as a heavy machinery operator. Due to limitations his deer hunting has been nil. This year he purchased a crossbow and the Iowa DNR gave him a permit due to his limitations. I offered to take him out to one of my stands. 1/2 mile walk across an alfalfa field and over-looking a narrow cornfield. 40 yards would be the farthest shot. Mark shot at my house before we went out and hit the 40 yard target. The afternoon was slow... no deer. We enjoyed the 40 degree sunny afternoon. Mark was just happy to be out in the woods. At 4:20 I got out my "lucky antlers" and rattled... we had nothing to lose. Within 5 minutes a buck appeared 100 yards away ( I had seen this buck earlier and passed on him). The buck slowly made his way towards my buck decoy that was 20 yards in front of us. (NOTE: due to a buck destroying my usual decoy I had to use my "target buck" and the antlers are way too LARGE). He came in very cautiously. At 33 yards Mark made the shot. Dead within 75 yards. Mark was back in the game. NOT #2: since Mark had never bow hunted I talked to him beforehand about bow hunting techniques.... the one thing that I did NOT talk to him about was SHOT PLACEMENT. The quartering to us shot was not what I wanted, however, it worked out.

From: cord 62
Love the video, great shot. Congratulations

Great buck for a deserving young man

Good job!

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