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From: bchunter2
How many of you use Travel Insurance. I have a big trip planned and would like to take insurance out to be safe because of elderly parents or anything else that could happen. Any recommendation on companies that specialize in hunting insurance.

From: Pat Lefemine
I've never purchased it. But I know guys who did. Watch the fine print. There's only a few conditions that authorize the insurance payout. Be careful.

From: Franklin
It`s better than nothing....I got hosed on a Passport issue....I had to pay through the nose.

From: Bou'bound
I have and not needed it. just bought enough to cover the deposit on some of the hunts where you are more exposed for longer period of time. no sense buying on the amount of money you will pay upon arrival.

some of it is very conditional and some plans that cost a bit more are very broad in terms of coverage........

From: Buffalo1
I don't leave home without it!

That applies to all (hunt & vacation) trips that involve high cost. Travel insurance is an automatic if air travel is involved which is generally a higher cost trip.

From: greg simon
I've never purchased travel insurance. I choose to take the risk and "insure myself." Personal choice depending on your tolerance for risk. Be sure and read the fine print on any policy you are thinking about getting.

From: rooster
I started buying a few years back. With an extended and aging family I never know when something will throw a wrench in my travel plans.

From: kota-man
The key is finding what you are actually out if you have to cancel. Each situation will be different. Most airfare can be changed for a fee. Most outfitters will work with you on the return trip. In the end I usually choose to "roll the dice" as my "out of pocket loss" is actually usually bearable if something were to happen.

From: darralld
We always purchase it when we go to Jamaica. Worth it if something happens & you need to cancel & re-book.

From: Overland
I purchased it once. Ended up getting sick right before I was due to fly. Travel insurance paid out fully. I was able to cancel the flight as well, and they gave me I believe a $100 voucher toward a future flight (which I doubt I'll ever use as it is airline specific).

I've also purchased a Global Rescue policy, and while I didn't have occasion to use it, they were top-notch in their communication.

From: kota-man
I should add, I DO purchase an annual Global Rescue plan every year.

From: mountainman
I buy it for big trips. My last trip(non hunting) the airports around DC completely shut down because of an issue. The insurance paid for any food, uber rides, hotels, etc that were necessary during the extra night I was stuck there. For very expensive trips, the cost, which is minimal compared to the trip cost, is well worth the peace of mind for me.

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