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From: gunslinger

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Ladies and gentlemen bowsite has grown so much in the past ten years I want to take the time to introduce myself to anyone that doesn’t know me personally.

My name is Pat Garrett and I live up here in Alberta, Worked on the drilling rigs for 23 years which is return payed for my hunting around the world.

I started a quest for the superslam in 2001 and was able to successfully complete it in 2011 with a Sitka blacktail deer.

In 2013 the Alberta oil patch slowed down and I lost my job on the drilling rig and that is when I finally was able to start my second passion which was finding my friends great adventures great hunts with great Outfitters.

I also have owned Garrett Bros Outfitting for 13 years and have outfitted over 400 clients for bear, whitetail, moose, buffalo , sheep, wolf , elk.

I just wanted to introduce myself so I don’t come off as someone know one knows.

As far as the booking hunts sides of things I work extremely close with all the Outfitters I have personally hunted with, I never charge a penny more for a hunt than the outfitter charges for the hunts, the outfitter pays me when I sell his hunts that he has asked me to book for them.

I am a one man show I don’t have a huge website as of right now because I can’t find anyone to build one what I want, I don’t have secretary so you deal with me one on one. Every outfitter is extremely reputable or else I wouldn’t work with them. Thank you everyone and good luck to everyone

From: midwest
Good luck, Pat!

From: njbuck
Best of Luck Pat and congrats again on your NA super slam and your other hunting accomplishments that you have done around the world.

From: Mark Watkins
Congrats..on both accounts!


From: Paul@thefort
Pat, lots of "bucket list" animals in those pictures and now in your memory. Nice.

my best, Paul

From: Hawkeye
Congrats Pat and good to know on the outfitting side. Will keep you in mind for sure! Thanks

From: wkochevar
As a person that has personally hunted with Pat I can assure you his integrity, knowledge and passion for the sport of hunting is as good as you will find. Good luck and continued success Pat and you know I'll be in touch. Kip

Wow that's an impressive accomplishment, congrats! And you still found time to kill Billy the Kid!

From: bonehead
my son and I hunted bear with pat about 9 years ago and trip was lots of fun and just as advertised

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