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Unfortunately....looks like new bow time
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From: Bowfreak
Came home this evening and basement door was busted open. Decked out CD 34, Hoyt ruckus, rangefinder, releases, binos, power tools, gps, backpack and who knows what else is stolen. Also got a pistol and 2 long guns.

From: JohnB
Very sorry to hear about your loss sir those are the worst kind of low life's there is!

From: Bowboy
That sucks Mark. Did you have any security cameras up?

From: oldgoat
Bummer! That sucks!

From: deerhunter72

From: Brotsky
There’s a special place in hell for thieves. Sorry to hear about your loss Bowfreak.

From: bad karma
Aw, crap. Sorry to hear that.

From: WVarcher
If your close to huntington wv o have a cd you can borrow if needed. Rh 29/60. Keep an eye of the Facebook archery pages, seems a lot of stolen things end up there. Wvarcher

From: Bowfreak
No cameras. The worst part is the fact it scared the crap out of my kids. It's a terrible feeling but at least they we're stiupid. Didn't take cash, jewelry or guns that could not be replaced.

I had 10/22 I got when I was about 16. That was the biggest keepsake. My grandfather's guns, wife's grandmothers gun and family jewelry are still here.

Dildos even took my elk calls.

From: Bowfreak
They did get some cash, $80 we collected at church for a 30 something cancer patient with 3 kids.

They however didn't take the envelope sitting on my daughter's desk marked "birthday money.". Nor did the get the cash out of my other daughter's piggy bank.

From: Franklin
I commend you for keeping your cool...not sure I would be as calm as you.

From: Nick Muche
What load of shit, sorry to hear about this, there are stupid people all over the place. I hope you are able to find out who it was.

Wow.. that sucks.. very sorry to hear.

Damn Mark,,that's b.s.,,,I feel for you and your kids,our house was robbed once,,,your never the same,,we're certainly not,..

From: otcWill
Hate to read this Mark. Let me know if you need any loaner archery equipment. I'll give a call later today

From: Buffalo1
Sorry to hear Mark. The world is full of sorry nocounts! Their "payday" will come.

Check the pawn shops !!

Sorry bastards. Nothing irritates me more than a thief. Takes away your peace of mind too. Karma will catch them, no doubt.

From: SBH
Sorry doesn't help much but SORRY to hear this. Hope you catch em.

From: Bill Obeid
I hate hearing this type of thing. I’ve started fortifying my house since the last story I heard here. I’ve put window bars on my basement windows, extra locks on doors , security screens on ground level windows , motion lights 360° Around house , in house motion sensors w alarms and 3M security film on door glass and other windows.

I know if they want in ... they’ll still get in , but I’m not going to make it easy for those SOB’s. Nobody deserves our stuff less than those .... argh! Makes me crazy !

From: PECO
Bad news. I hope they catch the dirt bags.

From: Wayniac
Sorry to hear. I hope they get the scum bags. And hope the kids aren't too freaked.. I hate the feeling of violation you get after a robbery

Man, that really sucks. Sorry to hear about it. Hopefully justice will be served.

From: midwest
Lowest form of scum.

Like I told you earlier, anything at all, buddy. Just let me know.

From: GotBowAz
So disturbing to read this news. Hope your able to get your equipment replaced. scum bags is too good a word for POS's like that.

Sorry to hear this!

From: venison
You never know , they might catch them . I had two crack heads rob my house about 12-15 years ago , they took 3 guns I had laying around , 2 computers and jewelry . They walked right past my bow and stepped over my chain saws , they got caught robbing another house and confessed to everything they did . The lead cracker is still in jail till 2020 something , worst thing is the stuff people have given you that you cant replace and feeling violated ! I never got any of my stuff back . They say the crack dealer is now the pawn guy .

From: bad karma
The good news is that it's right around new bow intro time, and there's some good looking stuff out there. Even the new Hoyts look good. :)

From: venison
Crackers take advantage of hard working people and at the time I was staying in a motel 2 hr. from my house working and my wife left at 8am. and came home at noon , and somewhere in that time frame they got in , never locked my doors before this event , changes you forever ! Now I have cameras everywhere and lock , but if they really want to get in they will .

From: Bloodtrail
Sorry to hear about your losses. The feeling of being violated won't ever go away. Everything else can be replaced and insurance will help cover some of the costs.

I had two heroin addicts rob my dad's house the night of his wake. Scumbags were watching for people's wakes in the paper and robbing them. It want bad enough I just lost my dad.....but to have them destroy his house was even worse. They took two pistols, two muzzleloaders and a sacred .28 gauge shotgun....but left the guns that actually were worth something. They ended up hanging themselves in their yard a few months later and the cops found all their info about the wakes in their house. Good riddance. The cops did recover one pistol about a year later. Hopefully you get lucky and some of the stuff turns up.

From: ElkNut1
Mark, that is a bummer! What in the world would the thief want with your elk calls? Glad your family is OK, at least they didn't show up during the robbery!


From: cnelk

Mark, other than being an obvious target, sounds like the thieves knew you had outdoor gear that is easily sold.

I’m not sure if the typical crack / meth head would be so selective.

It could very well be someone you know.

From: ohiohunter
Sorry to hear this. Sounds like they left with their hands full.. too full. Sad part is when items as such are targeted you have to think where the connection is. DO you know them or are they acquaintances of acquaintances.. etc.

From: rooster
Keep an eye on facebook and craigslist, maybe your stuff will show up there.

From: Medicinemann
Mark, Sorry to hear of your loss, and your losses. This is exactly why I now have an alarm system and no glow trail cameras around my house.....(I used to have a big dog too, but just put him down this morning).

From: Inshart
Sounds like it might very well be someone who is familiar with you and/or your family members (did not take cash and other family treasures Hmmmmmmmm)

From: buc i 313
A few years back someone broke into my truck and cleaned out all of my hunting gear, bow, clothing, boots, arrows. Terrible feeling.

Breaking into your home is far, far different and much more serious. Seems obvious they may have cased your home. Be careful, be cautious, and be alert as they may decide to return for what they left behind.

Hopefully the law will be an asset.

Good luck with your Homeowners Insurance

From: drycreek
Sorry to hear this man. I was hit in my storage building several years ago. We were lucky that they didn't break into the house. Just got a chainsaw, weedeater, etc. The first I knew about it was when a deputy called me after they were caught and confessed. The feeling is not good ! Hope they catch the worthless bastards.

From: deserthunter
I have a Hoyt that's a couple years old I would be willing to send you if you want it. Nothing expected in return either. I was in your shoes once with a meth head stepson that robbed me a couple times.

Just in time! Wait till you shoot the new RX-1 Ultra. You will be thanking that dirty SOB! ;-)

From: Bowfreak
I'd like to thank him personally with a full mag of critical defense from my MP 9.

To all of you guys who have offered equipment, I truly appreciate it. I am good now though as I only have doe tags left and I don't need to kill more deer. I will just plug away at replacing my stuff when my claim is processed. There seems to be no issues at all with the claim so that is good.

Check eBay, pawn shops, and local classified ads. They’ll need to offload the items to make $ somehow. If you don’t look no one else will. Good luck

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