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Poachers Caught By Landowner
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DL 15-Nov-17
Glunt@work 15-Nov-17
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Rut Nut 16-Nov-17
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Bou'bound 16-Nov-17
Rut Nut 16-Nov-17
tradi-doerr 16-Nov-17
From: DL

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Not all hero’s wear Capes

From: Glunt@work
Wierd story. I cant imagine a Sheriff saying they can't do anything about trespassers firing guns on someone's property at night because the guns were likely pointed at an elk. I've been confronted by a land owner's relative who was 100% sure there was no way I had permission to be where I was. I had permission and I'm glad he didn't take a tractor to my truck before the land owner set him straight and he was apologizing to me.

From: drycreek
Been there too Glunt. After a morning of calling coyotes some guy commenced to eating on my ass about trespassing. Turns out he was an in-law. Landowner got it straight pretty quick.

From: BTM
Funny story to "watch from the bleachers," but I'm not sure I'd want to damage another's vehicle lest they arrive armed and PO'd. (Or sue me later.)

I'm also scratching my head about the LEO's rather limp response.

From: Bill Obeid
These days.....If you lived in the city and reported gunfire near your home there would be swat teams swarming ,helicopters circling , and news teams gathering,rather quickly.

This rural resident can’t get anybody to care .

Think I would have used the tractor and another vehicle to block movement of the poachers vehicle. Pushing it down the hill was more fun but went out of style when the lawyer population explosion occurred!

From: Rut Nut
"Don't be tractor man - call us (360) 902-2936 or 911"

LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

we have called the game warden here in KY before to report tresspasser/poachers and they would not even show up. landowners must arm themselves to protect their family from armed invaders.

From: Rut Nut
This story reminds me of the one about the old guy that calls the police when he sees somebody breaking into his shed. Police asks if he is in any imminent danger. Old guy says no. Police says no officers are available, but they will send one as soon as they can. Old guy calls back 10 min later and says he just shot the robber that was breaking into his shed. When the cop gets there he arrests the robber, then asks the old man I thought you said you shot someone. THe old guys says and I thought you said there were no officers available! ;-)

From: wild1
My new superhero: "TractorMan"

From: APauls
Ya, I gotta back the tractor man 100% on this one...

From: PECO
I'm on board with tractor man.

From: eddie c
this was years ago but I remember a landowner confronting 2 trespassers on his property during deer season. story goes the trespassers told the land owner that they will hunt 'wherever they da** well pleased' and walked off into the woods. the landowner then took his backhoe and dug a trench around the truck then went home. the trespassers call the sheriff's dept to complain when they came out. then had to explain why they were trespassing. the landowner at the truck taken in for evidence in his lawsuit.

From: Rut Nut
LMBO! That's perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

From: GotBowAz
eddie c. now I like that! Splain that mr. Trespasser. Would love to hear their excuses.

From: KY EyeBow
When you pull out your phone and start taking pictures of their vehicle, the trespassers typically get very nervous as well.

From: Thornton
Great idea but still illegal

From: GF
" landowner then took his backhoe and dug a trench around the truck then went home."


From: Medicinemann
What is illegal?

From: Sage Buffalo
Nothing illegal about a guy digging trenches on his property...

From: stealthycat
they don't work after dark ?

From: Copperhead
Unfortunately, 2 wrongs don't make a right on the other hand 3 left turns do. Vigilante justice makes you feel good sometimes but usually comes with a price to pay for it. I wouldn't be surprised if the truck owner files a lawsuit and wins. If I was on the jury I would bring up the point of they used the truck in the act of a crime so they were the negligible ones so they are at fault for putting the truck into harms way.

From: tobinsghost
Heck yeah, Tractor Man for Citizen of the Year!

From: Hackbow
Hard to say "vigilante justice" when 2 law enforcement agencies called in sick. Good for Tractor Man (and Trench Man too)!

From: jjs
Had an uncle that dropped two trees one in back and front of a Ford Bronco that several trespassers park on his land and were hunting it, the land tied into public land on the back side, they were a couple big cities attorneys. When they return to the Bronco they were pissed and threaten my uncle. He made them leave the Bronco while they walked back to town for a toll truck since he wouldn't let them move the tree. Long story short he ended up in court for the cost of the toll truck but was thrown out because there was no damage done to the Bronco or to the trespassers, he was smart enough not to do any physical damage or he would have paid.

This story reminds me a little of this weeks mass shooting, neighbors said the guy shot up stuff all the time and the Sheriff did nothing. Guess that did not work out to well for those poor kids!

From: Bou'bound
guy is stupid for doing that in an age where people get shot for looking at someone cross-eyed or bumping into them on the sidewalk. tractor dudes safety is worth more than that risk he took,

a couple photos would have caught the guys or if he was really looking to disable the four round things on the truck are filled with air which can be removed and the same effect would take place.

From: Rut Nut
I agree you shuldn’t touch the truck. Digging trench or dropping trees is perfect. Maybe even “fertilizing” the field if you are a dairy or poultry farmer! ;-)

From: tradi-doerr
The sheriff should have intervened for illegal trespassing, and detained them till the wildlife officers arrived.

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