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First elk....what a rush!
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From: Shot

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This was a hunt that I had been waiting for a long time. Not necessarily this specific hunt, but, to chase elk in the backcountry on horse back. This past September I had that opportunity.

With two horses and a mule, me and my guide road into some nasty country in the Wyoming mountains. The ride in itself was an amazing experience. Didn't realize how fussy horses can get.

Road into amazingly beautiful country, the kind that reenergizes your relationship with God. Once we got back far enough, off on foot we went. It was bitter cold and like true Wyoming fashion the wind was aggressively present.

This was prime rut dates, but the bulls were not buglying. We got into a high alpine basin wtih a frozen lake and picked up fresh tracks in the snow and followed. Few ridges over, we got to a flat top and bugled. Before we could finishes bugling, we had a aggressive response just downhill from us. However, we couldn't see much do to a bench blocking our view.

Wind was not in our favor and was blowing right down hill. Ran back in the direction we came, dropped down to be level to were we heard the bugle and we both started to cow call. Seemed like the bull had started to gather his cows and move away. We made a quick dash to cover the distance, side-hilling a nasty mountain side.

Got close, and bugled again. This just got the Bull angry. He responded with an even nastier bugle. I took a knee, expecting the bull to come from above me, since we thought we dropped down far enough. I could hear him right over a small boulder. Was looking uphill and from the left corner of my eye I noticed a movement downhill. It was him. He had dropped down some more and was coming right to me but downhill. Knowing the wind was blowing straight down, it was a matter of time before he smelled me.

He came into 12 yards, stood there for few seconds slightly quartering to me. Bugling, peeing and just pissed, what a rush! I could tell he was getting nervous. I drew back, waiting for him to move his left front leg, and sent an arrow his way.

Right away he hunched up. Ran 10 -12 yards, stood and looked back. Could tell he was hurt bad and blood was visibly pouring out. We were both cow calling aggressively by this time. I had time to knock another arrow and put it in him. First one was good enough, but you never know.

He only went another 30-40 yards and piled over. This was my first Elk hunt. I don't know what took me so long to chase them. Now I'm hooked and thats all I want to hunt.

From: drycreek
That's a fine bull, first one or tenth one ! Congrats to you !

From: GF
Heck of a start!

From: ohiohunter
I bet! Dang nice start, congratulations!

From: Pyrannah
Oh man so cool!!!

From: Destroyer350
That's awesome! Congrats!

From: Paul@thefort
That is ONE hunt you will NEVER forget. Nice. my best, Paul

Congrats! Your first is always special. When your first is a dandy like that, it's extra special!

From: ElkNut1
Arbi, great job & great story, how sweet it is! (grin)


From: dakotaduner
Great bull. Great picture Congratulations

From: Hawkeye
Great bull and accomplishment! Congrats :)

From: Bowboy
Very good bull for a first. Congrats!

From: Mark Watkins
A HUGE congrats!!! You will have "elk fever" for the rest of your life!:)


From: Paul
Very nice

From: Scoot
WTG! Congrats!!!

From: Scar Finga
Soo Cool, You are spoiled/ ruined for life now... LOL Congratulations!

From: otcWill
Very nice! Congrats

Congrats!!!!!! That's a DANDY !!!

From: t-roy
Congrats on a great bull & story! I’ve been on one horseback hunt. That is a great adventure in itself. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us!

From: tobinsghost

From: jdee
Great hunt !! Nothing like being in the high country on horseback with a bow and an elk tag !!

From: JohnB
Congrats hope you get many more!

From: Franklin
That is a million dollar picture at the you`re hooked.

Damn nice!!


Good luck, Robb

From: Amoebus
Nice hunt - you can tell your excitement from your story.

We hear a lot of bad stories about outfitters. It sounds like yours was a good one. Which outfitter and guide?

From: PREZ
That's awesome...Congrats to you. Elk hunting has turned into a full blown addiction for me.

From: Z Barebow
Way to set the bar high! Awesome. Any elk story is a good one.

From: Franzen
Awesome bull. Congrats on the adventure.

From: Brotsky
Great bull and an even better story! Congrats on your first, he's a dandy! If you're hooked now like any of us other elk junkies it definitely will not be your last!

From: Lark Bunting
YES! This has been a great year for many first time elk killers! (I got my first elk this year too :))

From: TD
Great bull even if it was your 10th...... Congrats!

From: Mr.C
2 thumbs up nice bull

Grats! Great bull!

From: StickFlicker
As was said previously, great bull whether your first or 10th!

Great job!! And what a gorgeous bull,,,can't wait to chase elk! Congrats!

From: venison
Congrats on a great bull ! Nice picture also !

From: SBH
Helluva start my friend. Great bull, sounds like an awesome trip. You are ruined now! Good luck to ya in the future and post up next years hunt.

From: buzz mc
Awesome bull and great story. Thanks for sharing.

From: The END
Congrats Arbi! Great bull!

Wow. What a start . Congrats

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