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Ghost Blind
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spike78 16-Nov-17
Grousenut 17-Nov-17
From: spike78
I know this was brought up awhile back but I am thinking of buying a Ghost Blind and wanted to know what the opinions were on them? I am only 5’ 5” tall and wanted to know if being on the shorter side would be good for this Blind as I believe I read that the Blind is too short and you needed extensions to make it taller. Anyone have any deer success stories using this Blind? Thanks in advance.

From: Grousenut
I have hunted from ghost blind, no success yet, but for my sets I don’t need extenders. I think the blind is best suited for calm deer, where a shot can be carefully taken through the shooting slots. During rut where action happens fast it’s tough to swing and follow even a walking deer. I mostly hunt public land though.

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