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Bleeding out of nose
Whitetail Deer
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Jasper 17-Nov-17
Kodiak 17-Nov-17
Fuzzy 17-Nov-17
Tracker 17-Nov-17
Bob H in NH 17-Nov-17
SixLomaz 17-Nov-17
TD 17-Nov-17
smarba 17-Nov-17
Killinstuff 17-Nov-17
smarba 17-Nov-17
MNRazorhead 17-Nov-17
Jaquomo 18-Nov-17
From: Jasper
Under what conditions will a deer bleed out its nose after being shot? Only a lung shot? Thanks

From: Kodiak
In the head.

From: Fuzzy
1) lung shot

2) blunt trauma to chest and/or throat caused by collision during the escape run

3) head or neck shot

4) a shot that clips or nicks the trachea or esophagus

5) A nose bleed

From: Tracker
That about covers it.

From: Bob H in NH
runs into a tree when he's escaping :-)

From: SixLomaz
Not good. Take him to the doctor.

From: TD
If you can fix the nose bleed,you can hunt him and not kill him another day.......

From: smarba
Shot in the nose?

From: Killinstuff
smarba, I shot a bear up the nose once and yes, they bleed buckets. Long story.

From: smarba
Do tell...

From: MNRazorhead
Could be that he has been doing too much "snorting"...

From: Jaquomo
My hunting partner shot the. #4 CO whitetail (at the time) in the nose and he didn't go very far either. It was a 70 yard follow up shot through trees, the buck turned at the shot which deflected off a branch. Turns out he'd missed the first shot low. The Muzzy ended up cutting the carotid artery.

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