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Off-Season Bow Reconditioning
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From: PSUhoss
After the end of the season I am planning on giving my Left Hand, 29” / 72# Bowtech Guardian some much needed tlc. It is a fantastic bow and I am not interested in replacing it anytime soon so I don't mind putting some money into it.

For starters, I am going to replace the original factory string and cabling from 2008 with one from 60x that has already been purchased. While at it, I will have the shop replace the peep, D-loop, speed buttons, serving for the string tamer, etc. that is currently on the string.

Also planning on lubing the axel bushings, checking the clips, etc. and replacing the whisker biscuit with a new biscuit. I really like my HHA single pin sight, so I think I am good there.

While I am at it, I am planning on getting a dozen new arrows with a dozen lighted nocks and also a dozen cut on contact broadheads which will probably be slick tricks or VPA’s. A dozen arrows typically lasts me about 5 or 6 years, so I would like to get them all set up the same interchangeably.

Are there any suggestions that you may have in regard to arrow or lighted nock choice?

Is there anything else that I should be doing while going over the bow?

Thanks for any insight that you could provide!

From: Brotsky
I kinda got stuck on the part where you still have the original string on it! That string is ancient! Everything you're doing is what I do with mine during the offseason each year. Once you get the string back on it you'll need to insure your bow is back in spec and then tune it to your new arrows. Enjoy your new again bow!

From: PECO
Nocturnals for the knocks, VPA for the broadheads. Lots of good choices for arrows. WB is great for rest, pick your arrows before replacing the biscuit as they come in different sizes for different diameter shafts. You can get them in cool colors now too . If your release is from 08 maybe check out some new ones, then you'll have a backup.

From: Glunt@work
What's an "off season"? :^)

From: PSUhoss
Good stuff guys - yes, admittedly I am WAY overdue for a new string. Surprisingly it still looks great and I keep it waxed regularly, but certainly time for it to go!

Glunt - "off season" is the week that I take the family to Disney in February. My wife and kids wont let me take my bow...

From: midwest

midwest's Link
There's a LH 70 lb. Guardian on eBay right now that is currently at $242 + shipping. Bidding end tomorrow. You might consider buying it for backup.

At my link...

From: PSUhoss
Thanks for the link Midwest, I might have jumped on that deal if I had seen it earlier. Looks to be set up very similar to mine. Thanks for the input guys, after late season archery is over, time for some upgrades.

From: Buffalo1
My bowshop recommends changing strings & cables at least every 3 yrs, or if unusual or excessive evident wear occurs before then.

This procedure would include reinstallation of all string accessories and necessary lube, etc.

From: carcus
I turn my 70 pounder down when I put her away, I leave the 60 pounder cranked, your lucky your strings didn't blow

From: APauls
9 year old strings! Yowza

From: Shaft2Long
Leaving the bow cranked to 70 isn’t going to hurt anything.

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